2012-2013 Aquarius Horoscope

Famous Aquarians:  Nicolas Sarkozy, Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, Paris Whitney Hilton, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Alva Edison, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Abhishek Shrivastava Bachchan, Muriel Moreno, Preity Zinta.

Characteristics of the Aquarians:
Aquarians are generally interesting and attractive. They can be shy, sensitive, gentle and patient; or enthusiastic and lively with a tendency to be exhibitionists. Aquarians makes for a serious and genial companion. They are personable and likable, Refined and idealistic, romantic but practical. Aquarians love activities and are usually intelligent, cool, clear and logical. They have good imaginations and are quite intuitive. Their positivity is that they are industrious and are humanitarians; their down sides are that they are unpredictable, stubborn and rebellious.

Aquarius 2012 Yearly Horoscope - General Overview
Aquarius Horoscope 2012 highlights that divine help and blessings for you throughout this year will make you move forward. Your spirituality level will increase and you will engage in philanthropic work for the welfare of society, children and ladies. The year will begin with auspicious functions at home. You will get name, fame, all around happiness and your desires will be fulfilled. During May and June, short as well as long journey is promised for you. The natives of Aquarius in 2012 may go for a short trip to spend vacations or may visit a foreign country.

Your siblings will do well and they may help in your job or profession. They may also go on some short trip. Change of place or surroundings is on the cards for you. Home will turn topsy-turvy, setting the routines at home on edge. Rising tension or even conflict with family members can occur in 2012. The natives of Aquarius in 2012 should negotiate opposition or differences; Watch your action and words. Tactful handling will ease out the atmosphere.

You may take a strong step up bringing action with friends or groups. Discomforts are seen during mid 2012. Your efforts will be successful. It is better to go for some mental and spiritual food to keep you mentally healthy and fit in 2012. Your mother’s health may need some extra care throughout the year; do not miss the regular checkups. The natives of Aquarius who are aspiring for progeny, there will be a delay in begetting one.

Aquarius Horoscope 2012 – Health Forecast
A sound health enables to enjoy the beauties of life. Aquarius Horoscope 2012 highlights that there are no chances of facing any problems especially during the first half of the year. Good health and vitality will help you to carry out your plans as desired. This year will help you to come out your habits and addictions. The later part of the year may bring some discomfort and obstructive ailments. For long standing health problems, it will be long and hard road especially during the later part of the year.

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Aquarius Horoscope 2012 - Financial Forecast
Aquarius Yearly Forecast for Finance shows that financial situations will evolve favorably. You will have a firm grip on finance and will witness imminent improvement on monetary front. Long pending finances will return to you in ease. The acquisitions denied in the previous year will come to you without much effort. Purchase of property and vehicle will add pride and will bring happiness in the family; however, double check all the documents thoroughly.

The natives of Aquarius in 2012 will be able to pay off your loans. Court cases and litigation will take more time to settle down but during May to August you may see some improvement and this will be in your favor.

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Aquarius Horoscope: 2012 – Love & Romance Forecast
This year is promising and will bring mixed results for you in marriage and romance. Lack of warmth is seen in the relationship. You may feel bored and tired with your relationship. An innovative and novel approach will change the cold relationship into something striking.

The unattached natives of Aquarius will find their partner before May 2012. Spousal relationship will be strained and may not go smooth for some Aquarians. It is good to be transparent on your relationship with your partner and you should not leave any space for misunderstanding. After May and October 2012, there will be harmony.

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