Saggitarius Horoscope

Famous Sagittarians :  Oprah Winfrey, Anthony Hopkins, Justin Timberlake, Donald Trump, Al Pacino, Stephen King, Charlie Sheen, Mariah Carey, Albert Einstein, Christopher Reeve, Joan Rivers, Freddie Mercury, Kevin Costner, Vincent Van Gogh, Amadeus Mozart
Characteristics of Sagittarians:
Sagittarians are hard worker and great believers of God. They generally maintain composure and possess good sense of Humor. They are generous, clever and ambitious. They are also straightforward, extroverts and vocal. Sagittarians are generally optimistic, philosophical and farsighted and are too dominant, carefree and headstrong.

Sagittarius 2012 Yearly Horoscope - General Overview
2012 Sagittarius Horoscope predictions indicate that, this year Sagittarians will be experiencing a smooth sail in romance, career advancement and fulfillment of desires. Increased bonding in family and to square off with your past shortcomings is foreseen in 2012. It’s an ideal time to rejuvenate your relationship with your near and dear ones and celebrate life.

Your words may turn against you or some may read between your words during the later part of 2012. Be clear in what you talk and to whom you talk. Do not make big promises as you may not be able to keep it. Siblings and neighbors will be helpful for the natives of Sagittarius in 2012. Siblings will make remarkable success in all walks of life. Domestic situation will improve, bringing happiness and fulfillment. More family get together brings great joy and better understanding in the family for the natives of Sagittarius in 2012.
Children will be the source of happiness in the early part of the year. Spending quality time with them will make them feel secured and happy. Spirituality plays a predominant role in 2012

Those Sagittarians who have natural flare for spiritualism will meet proper mentor and Guru and will move forward in their journey. Many may incline towards doing charity and humanitarian gestures. Most of the desires will be fulfilled for the natives of Sagittarius in 2012 and you can make use of this year to accomplish your dreams and ambition.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2012 – Health Forecast
Robust health is seen in the beginning of 2012 for the natives of Sagittarius. Putting on lot of flab is on the cards. Stay away from your epicurean pleasures. Regular exercise is required to maintain your physique. As you may be busy with your work load, you may tend to skip foods which will cause some discomfort. This stress could also bring headaches and body aches. Avoid getting restive when you fail and wait for the best periods to come optimistically. These will help you to maintain better health and mind. Remember to take some time for yourself, listen to music or develop new hobbies.

Perform Rahu Pooja to Overcome Physical Distress 

Sagittarius Horoscope 2012 - Financial Forecast
Sagittarius Yearly Forecast shows that fortune smiles at you all through 2012. The beginning of the year will be very beneficial for the financial improvements. Gains through various sources will bring happiness and joy. New money making opportunity is in the offing for the natives of Sagittarius in 2012.

Long pending or outstanding dues will come to you easily. Money aid will also be easier with less initiative. However, expenses will also be experienced through pleasures, amusements, pilgrimage, charity and auspicious events. Some of the natives of Sagittarius may clear of their loans in 2012 in drips and drabs. Speculative gains are anticipated, but materialistic attitude may lead to loss in 2012.

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Sagittarius Horoscope 2012 – Love & Romance Forecast
2012 Sagittarius Yearly Forecast indicates that love life will make a good progress. Having confidence in yourself and surroundings will help you move forward in your emotional life. Caution is that do not let any third person interfere or influence your love life. This will spoil the entire show. This period will make you realize the importance of little things that matters in romance and will regret for missing these pleasures all these days.

Some bumpy moments are seen between loved ones during 2012; exercise enough caution so as to maintain the intimacy. Do not take either your love life or partner for granted. Unattached Sagittarians will find their desired partner and will tie nuptial knot during the first half of 2012. Spousal relationship begins well in 2012 but will move to a messy situation during the later part of the year. Couples have to work out a compromise, remember it takes two to tango. The month of June, July and October can be a challenging period for your relationship. During this period there are also possibilities of misunderstanding between partners without reason.

Perform Venus Pooja to Relish the Charm of Marital Harmony

Sagittarius Horoscope 2012 – Business & Career Forecast
Sagittarius Yearly Forecast for Business & Career indicates that Businessmen will have favorable results after the month of May 2012, until then their businesses may toddle. The natives of Sagittarius in 2012 should think big and aim high to make use of optimistic alignments of the planets. Be sure to give thorough inspection before you sign on the dotted line.

Stars are favoring the natives of Sagittarius in 2012 from the month of May. Start implementing your innovative ideas and strategies. You will attract new customers and also will make your old customer satisfied. Joint ventures and partnership business is not very promising for the natives of Sagittarius in 2012; average growth is seen.

Those aspiring for new job or planning to change job for betterment, the favorable time for you is the beginning of 2012. Job and service people will reach their success after May 2012. Maintain cordial relationship with superiors as there are possibilities for them to turn openly inimical towards you. Change of role and place of your choice in the month of June will make you happy. Professionals in banking, IT, publishing, liaison, share broking and audit background will be successful in 2012.

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Sagittarius Horoscope 2012 - Educational Forecast
Sagittarius Yearly Forecast for 2012 indicates that students aspiring to go abroad for higher studies will succeed. Though the studies can go on without any hitch, do not get distracted or waste time with friends. Competitive exams will be successful after May 2012. Some students will get opportunity to work as free lancers. Extra circular activities will be predominant in 2012. Your talents and skills will come to the fore and receive appreciation. Students will get full support and cooperation from their family to achieve their goals. Proper guidance from the mentor will help the natives of Sagittarius in 2012 to exhume and nurture their potential.

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