Aamir Khan – The Bollywood Superstar

Aamir Khan – The Bollywood Superstar

Aamir Khan has been with Bollywood for more than 2 decades now and he is at par with SRK when it comes to superhit movies with last 3 movies breaking all the records of the box office. But still he is not as popular as SRK. Let’s have a look at his numbers. Aamir Khan was born on 14th March 1965. (Did you know all the 3 Khan’s i.e. Salman, Shahrukh and Aamir were born in 1965-

Aamir’s numbers are as follows:

Psychic – 5

Destiny – 2

Name – 22

The positive qualities of people with psychic number 5 are

- They are versatile

- Intellectual

- Creative

- Fast thinkers

- Excellent Communication Skills

We can see all these qualities in Aamir. He is an extremely versatile actor with something new in his each movie. None of his movies have the same theme unlike SRK who loves and cries in every movie, still Aamir fails to be the top actor.

 Psychic Number 5 is amazing. But destiny number 2 is not the best number which makes him work very hard for every movie. We know Aamir Khan is hard working as he is called the perfectionist. Despite of he being the most hard working actor, he is not at Number 1 today. Also one of the reasons is his name number. Name Number 22 may be called the Master Number and has some extra power, but the bottom line is that it adds up to 4. I have always emphasized that Number 4 is not the best as a Name Number. Aamir has all the qualities of being the number 1 actor but his name number does not support him much. If he writes Aamirr Khan or Amir Khan, he will be better off.

Psychic Number 5 people are impulsive as well. We have seen him making various comments on SRK in the last few years to which SRK has taken sportingly as he is a Number 2 and does not show up his anger easily. Doesn’t matter how many hits Aamir gives to Bollywood in the coming years he will never be able to get that Number 1 spot because of his Name Number 22 and absence of a 7 in his numbers.

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