Animals and Planets in Astrology

The Jurisdiction of Planets over the Animals

  • The Sun: the lion, the eagle, the cock, in general the regal and dominant animals
  • The Moon: the hare, the swan, the nightingale, the frog, the fish, the landsnails, the crabs, the shellfish, generally, the nocturnal or aquatic animals
  • Mercury: the fox, the ape, the serpent, the parrot, the spider, the bee, the ant, generally the animals that are reputed wise or cunning
  • Venus: the goat, the partridge, the sheep, the pheasant, the pigeon, the dove and the sparrow, all amatory or polygamous or otherwise prolific animals
  • Mars: the horse, the wolf, the bee, the dog, the ostrich, the venomous snakes, the scorpions, the spiders, all beasts either fighters or noxious to human beings
  • Jupiter: the elephant, the stag, the bull, generally the wise, swift and strong animals
  • Saturn: the camel, the bear, the ass, the mouse, the beetle, generally all the beasts of evil omen or of slow movement.

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