Bollywood Astrology ! Film horoscope predictions and Indian astrology

Entertainment has immense value in our life. Without proper entertainment nobody in this world can live successfully. So, relaxation by means of entertainment is essential after completion of day’s routine work. Nowadays Film/TV has great influence in our society. Planets shed their same impacts whether it’s Hollywood or Bollywood. Film stars are prominent in this respect. By means of acting, movie etc.stars entertains audience. Observation shows that there are so many film/TV stars who always try to satisfy the spectators/audience as far as possible by their acting. From the stand point of entertainment at a glance Venus is having a vital role in deciding fate of film stars in Indian horoscope. Enchantment to the audience of public paves the way in favor of film industry. Unlike other subjects film division may be divided in different matters.

Before coming to this point, let us discuss about multifarious roles of the film stars pivotal point is to be noted that facsimile is the ultimate factor. Unless and until, a film director and movie producers can get a beautiful face and appearance, he/she can not run a good film division business. Ugly face can turn their business down at ease. So on the whole Venus is the goddess of film industry, fashion industry. Without well positioned Venus in a horoscope, no one can get progress in the field of film and fashion. Thus, Venus rules the film industry and film related professions.

From the stand point of predictions, Indian Vedic astrology maintains to point out their moon and Venus must be beneficial for the film stars concerned. In spite of these two planets, influence of sun or sun is essential for getting popularity and respect in film affair and fashion industry. Mass media, communications, direction, photography, song compose are of the vital points in the film industry. While predicting the horoscope of a film/TV, fashion industry related persons second house from the ascendant is to be scrutinized from the degree point of view of the planets concerned located in the zodiac.

Otherwise, predictions may lead to astral moon is for emotion while Venus is for pleasure and entertainment. Sun provides dignity and respect to the film/TV stars. While he/she involves himself/herself in the film industry. After analyzing so many horoscopes of leading and reputed film stars, it is observed that everybody is having a sound influence of benevolent planets stars in the second house, specifically of moon and Venus. Role of mercury is essential in film matters also. Talkative nature is dominated by the planet mercury that is very nearer to the royal planet Sun. Though mercury is a smallest planet in the solar system, role of benefice influence of it is required tin case of acting. Deliberation of talk is controlled by mercury Dhishakti significator or lord of intelligence. That is assimilation or coordinating effect of Venus and mercury can make a man/woman to become a reputed actor/film star/TV star/stage artist/play back singer or fashion designer or a reputed fashion model.

Indian astrology predicts accurately about film industry and related persons. The profession of film industry would broadly cover film direction, film production, music composer, film photographers, content writers; actor .This is a very wide range and is very difficult to be confined within stringent principles of Indian horoscope. Indian astrology employ a great predictive tools while predicting about film related business and professions. While making predictions an astrologer should always keep many Vedic astrological facts and norms in his/her mind that how one can get benefited utilizing Indian astrology to achieve success in film industry. Indian astrology has great roots in Vedas where ancient astrologers laid down many astrological facts to make our lives easier utilizing Indian astrology. Astrologers can predict accurately about film industry, film stars and related professionals utilizing valuable norms and tricks of Indian horoscope.

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