Considerations and advices on Election Astrology

Considerations and advices on Election Astrology

I consider the election astrology as the art of "sculpting" astrology chart, that is the art of finding and showing a marvelous chart out of a continuous flow of moments of time (each with different characteristic sand potential), just as the sculptor's job is to imagine and then unveil the sculpture from the amorphous rock, by removing the unnecessary material.

First of all, election astrology, while it is a way of enhancing free will,it doesn't ensure that the sought matter will be successful. Each moment of time is unique, and when it has passed, it'll never come back. So it is with opportunities. Many times our past erroneous decisions will affect our future options, and some opportunities may be lost in the process.

This is why, when you can't find what you're looking for in terms of the perfect election chart, maybe that perfect chart doesn't actually exist as(internal/external) conditions do not allow that to happen.

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