Work with Acharya V Shastri, A V Shastri, 3rd Generation Astrologer

YourDestiny.com is a venture of Destiny Management SolutionsPvt Ltd, developer of many popular websites and packaged software for theIndian market.

We have been in business since 1998, and have evolved withthe market, retaining our position, and growing steadily.

YourDestiny.com is growing rapidly, and aims to be the mostpopular website on Vedic Astrology.

Work with us

If you think you are suitable to be a part of this greatjourney and have the skills required, apply with us for one the currently openjobs.

If a job matching your profile is not listed, but you thinkyou can really make a difference to what we do, apply anyway.

Currently Open Positions

1. Vedic Astrology Consultant - English

You should be well-trained in Vedic Astrology, and must possessstrong knowledge of your domain. You will have proven experience, and will haveexcellent command over English, being able to express yourself in written aswell as verbal format.

You should be able to handle customer queries, and alsocreate great quality content for our websites.

Type: Full time / Work from home

Send your application to avshastri@gmail.com(avshastri@gmail.com)

आपको ज्योतिष कागहन ज्ञानहै अपने चयनितविषय मेंपारंगत होनेके साथही ज्योतिषके विभिन्नपहलुओं कोसीखने समझने कीललक है.आप हिन्दीमें अपनीबात प्रभावशालीरूप सेकह वहलिख सकतेहैं.

आप ज्योतिष केविषय परलगातार रिसर्चकर नयीसामग्री बनायेंगेऔर जिन्हेंहम अपनीविभिन्न वेबसाइटोंके जरियेप्रसारित करसकेंगे.

पूर्णकालिक / अंशकालिक / याअपने घरसे कार्यकरें

संपर्क: अपने बारेमें जानकारीसहित मेलकरें - avshastri@gmail.com (avshastri@gmail.com)

You should be able to create webpage layouts, logos, andillustrations with ease. Every design that you make should be a work of art.

You will be responsible for creating the design of ourvarious web properties.

Send us your application and samples: avshastri@gmail.com (avshastri@gmail.com)

You are skilled with words, and can write really goodEnglish. You are also familiar with the Indian culture, and can understandHindi well. You can write error free, and know how to keep the readerinterested.

You will create fresh content, adapt existing content, andedit content on our websites.

Send us your application and samples: avshastri@gmail.com (avshastri@gmail.com)

आप हिन्दी मेंखुद कोबेहतरीन तरीकेसे अभिव्यक्तकर सकतेहैं. शब्दोंपर आपकीपकड़ हैऔर आपजानते हैंकि किसतरह पाठकको बांधेरखा जाये.

हमारी विभिन्न वेबसाइटोंऔर उत्पादोंके लियेआप नवीनसामग्री तैयारकरेंगे.

हमसे संपर्क करें:avshastri@gmail.com (avshastri@gmail.com)

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