Financial Luck in horoscope By Indian Vedic Astrology

Indian Astrology is an ancient Indian vedic science which elaborates the permutations and combinations of astrological facts based on Planetary movements with respect to their effects on human lives and other entities on earth. Astrologers make predictions according to these planetary positions and their effects on human life. Astrologers apply many astrological norms and calculations of planetary movements while casting one’s horoscope. 

The purpose of Indian Astrology or Indian horoscope is to avoid problems before they arise. The aphorism, "Pull weeds early" explains a major utility of Indian astrology. Anyone can get personal Vedic and Indian Astrology horoscope Readings along with Vedic astrology horoscope charts where relative positions of planets, their strengths and their effective periods are calculated by astrologers. Vedic Astrology & Indian Astrology horoscope Prediction describes you about Your Ascendant sign, Sun Sign, Moon Sign and 'Nakshatra' impacts using your birth details and many divisional charts according to Indian Astrology and Indian horoscopes with utmost accurate and specific calculations.

Indian astrology, today has diversified into many branches of specialization.Among them, one is the use of Indian Vedic astrology in finance management. A person can earn wealth trough various ways. It is the domain of a good astrologer to decipher the planetary influences and appropriately advise a native; so that his financial status is maintained. If a man is entitled to be poor in his lifetime, then the astrologer should caution him to be guarded in his expenditure and conserve whatever wealth one may get, so as to enable him to tide over the unhelpful periods in his life. A rich man may be advised to channelize his wealth in various ways so as to improve his richness. Just as a financial expert advises the heads of various financial institutions to improve on their financial status, an astrologer can advise to tap various ways to make wealth for an individual, to utilize various good periods, to enhance one’s wealth and similarly to go slow, on expansion or diversification of wealth during periods of bad planets.

A horoscope has to be studied, in depth to know one’s personality, strengths and weaknesses, his fields of expertise, so as to reveal on fields to enrich him. The earnings and wealth have to be properly utilized in various ways, so that it grows, keeping in mind the short term needs and long term plans. Study the strengths of the 12 houses, of their lords, along with that significator of wealth as planet Jupiter, so that the strong houses may be utilized to enhance one’s wealth. Primarily it is the 2nd house that shows wealth in a nativity. It also shows individual’s worldly attainments such as money, precious gemstones, bonds, securities, shares, mortgages and other assets. It is boosted with the help of 5th, 9th and 11th house of birth chart. It is the strength of these houses along with the strength of the significator for wealth Jupiter that shows whether a man is rich or poor. If the above said Indian horoscope chart’s astrological houses in good aspect or association in good places and a strong ascendant lord, one can fairly conclude a man will be rich in his life time depending upon the vimshottary dashas that are to operate in his life time. 

The 12 houses when strong, give wealth depending upon their ownership and the various good aspects that form between themselves. Similarly the lords of malefic houses 6th ,8th and 12th when weak and in association or aspect with the lords of good houses cause debts, diseases and various types of looses that will deplete one’s wealth.

A strong Ascendant lord makes the individual self confident, independent and intelligent to utilize his/her resources and opportunities to make wealth. When lord of 1st house is in association or good aspect with the lord of 2nd house in horoscope charts the native makes money by self excretion,and self employment.3rd lord in similar way give in wealth through the help of brothers preferably younger ones or the native makes wealth in association with them. Here the significator for brothers, mars has to be strong and well placed. It also provide wealth through travel,communication,journalism etc.4th lord related to 2nd lord, gives wealth through maternal relatives,agriculture,lands,real state business,vehicles.Through speculation, stock markets,shares,mutual bonds, assistance of children,entertainment,one’s wealth is enhanced if strong 5th lord is connected with the lord of 2nd house. If 2nd and 6th lords are interconnected, one makes money by lending loans, through medicine,sports,judiciary.Business,diplomacy,public dealings, foreign resources, partnership business are the forte for the one with strong 7th and 2nd lords are in relation. If the 2nd and strong 8th lords are in association in good houses, one can get wealth through insurance,inheritance,wills,lottery and sudden gains.9th lord in association with the 2nd lord is an asset in one’s horoscope to gain riches through family business, guidance of elders, religious activities, in foreign land,travel,tourism,medicine and teaching. if the 10th lord is in good aspect to 2nd lord, one is entitled to get wealth through one’s career, government and self employment. Easy money flows through friends, elder brother, business, entertainment and telecommunication when strong 2nd and 11th lords are in association. Apart from houses relations to each other, planets have their own authority to provide gains through different ways. The Sun gives wealth through medicine, government, copper, gold and finance. 

The Moon-through liquids,hotels,nursing homes,textiles,parapsychologist.Mars provides through technology, hardware, machinery,surgery, declivity and defense.Mercury-through diplomacy, astrology, telecommunication, media and trade. Jupiter Provides through law, medicine, astrology, religious activities, financial business and teaching. Whereas Venus-through liquids, textiles, jewellery, chemicals, music and fine arts. Saturn- through agriculture, civil engineering, mining, steel, metals, industry and leather.Rahu and Ketu get influenced by their depositors and aspects. They also indicate computer business, technology, medicine and poisons.

Depending upon the strength of 7th or 6th houses in the Dashamsha chart, one can go for business or service. Usually Saturn’s placement or connection with lord’s of career lead to service. Influences of lords of 1st, 5th and on 9th house on lords of wealth encourage an independent career. Apart from these technical study astrologers should study Chaturthamsha chart, shodashamsha chart, Dashamsha chart, Hora chart to assess strength of planets to provide accurate predictions on Finance management. Thus Indian Vedic astrology reveals accurate predictions about finance horoscope Readings that how one can secure his/her life by applying astrological facts in life and can secure life against all calamities which have not come yet.

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