Get Up Early At 05:00 Am Daily.
  • Drink normal water before washing mouth as such as possible from mad pot in  summer and little Hot water in winter  before toilet.
  • Take Wheat Grass Juice (best) /Green tea - In place of morning normal tea/coffee
  • Take normal water bath
  • Do Yoga (Asans & Pranayams)
  • Breakfast  should be like a king (as much as possible), before 9.00 AM and lunch should 75% of breakfast after 4/5 hours and dinner should be 50% of breakfast before 7 PM or as early as possible.
  • Add more vegetables /fruits in food - 20-50%
  • Breathe from abdomen only 
  • Drink 4-6 litter water /fresh vegetables /fruits juice per day
  • Chews more eat less
  • 6-8 Hours sleep is enough - Shavasan / Yognidra (Advance)
  • Do not drink more water immediately after food
  • Do not take bath immediately after food 
  • Do not sleep immediately after dinner
  • Do not take very cold items (cold water/ ice cream) immediately after food
  • Go to toilet & bath - Twice a day 
  • Go fast walk early morning /late evening (before or after sun) daily
  • Avoid junk /packed food, do not drinks Coca Cola, Pepsi, Thumps up etc..
  • Avoid English medicine /cosmetics /perfume etc. Use Ayurveda products
  • Monthly /Weekly fasting with fruits/ vegetables juice
  • Monthly /weekly full body oil massage
  • Express  yourself (all emotions)

    Take social responsibilities - Plantation, keep area clean, use Swadeshi products, save electricity - use CFL bulbs/solar power, save water -Rain water harvesting etc.                  
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