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Indian astrology has been part and parcel of Indian culture and life. Today, it has spread to the western world too where serious thinkers are beginning to recognize its constructive role in improving the quality of human life. At the same time, there has been continuing opposition to giving it official recognition, largely from a point of ignorance of the subject.

Medical or health astrology horoscope is the investigation and diagnosis of medical problems via Indian Vedic astrology. Much medical informations can be acquired through natal or horoscope chart of a person i.e. probable times of sickness, susceptibility to certain diseases, weakness in constitution, proneness to accidents, exposure to venereal diseases, when to perform surgery or give medicine, choosing a physician, etc.Medical astrology is actually strictly the domain of Ayurvedic physicians, who have the natural opportunity to thoroughly study so many medical cases.

Medical or health astrology is a conglomerate of many branches of astrological knowledge and astrologers mention the medical uses and other branches on Indian Vedic astrology when appropriate. Individual’s health can be predicted accurately through his/her horoscope, where Indian horoscope reveals the periods of stress and diseases can be foreseen.

Today doctors are urged to study Indian astrology but the difficulty is that to properly practice medical astrology one must be a qualified physician. It is the valuable tools of astrologers-physicians, but few astrologers fall into this category.

Unless the astrologer is also highly trained in medicine, he should limit his medical advice and refer the patient to a health professional. And likewise in other spheres-such as law, financial planning and marriage counseling-the astrologer does his part, and then refers the seeker to the appropriate doctors to continue to pursue the problem. It is not expected that the astrologer should be an expert in all fields. Astrologer should be very knowledgeable, but he should know his own limitations and for the sake of his client’s benefit, him should refer him to proper sources to get help when needed, rather than venture outside of his field of expertise.

Medical astrology horoscope is the part of Vedic astrology which deals with human health. Astrological signs are linked with the limbs of the human body. Aries horoscope sign rules as the human head and the Pisces horoscope sign as the feet of a person. Zodiacal Signs represent the Elements as Fire, Air, Earth & Water ), the ancient astrological savants assigned everything in the Universe to a planetary ruler, and considered all as the manifestation of the Elemental Five and their respective qualities - hot and dry, cold and dry, hot and humid , cold and humid. Jupiter rules "Kapha" and the Sun "Pitta' (the three humors of Ayurveda). These elements were understood in a physical & metaphysical sense, as per the principle.

Indian astrology can point to imbalances created by the lack or excess of an element of astrology. Each sign responds to stress in a specific way, and the tissue salts and flower remedies associated with that sign can dramatically readjust the body’s response. In a horoscope chart the sun shows the level of vitality a person has and indicates possible physical weakness. The Moon indicates emotions and their psychosomatic effect on health and governs psychological processes. Planets in the 1st house of horoscope indicate vitality and stamina, whereas the 6th house pertains to health and, in particular, chronic conditions. Psychological problems show up in the 12th house. Traditionally, cardinal signs and dynamic planets, such as mars, require pacification whilst fixed signs and placid planets, like Neptune, require more activity; mutable signs and neutral planets, such as mercury need improved coordination, alignment and rhythm. Planets in certain signs or the sign on the cusp of the 6th house can indicate a predisposition to certain conditions and require appropriate remedies.

The 8th house in a horoscope indicates the following:longevity,mode of death,defeate,diseases,chronic nature of diseases, surgery, accidents, punishments, fear of death, prosecution, calamities, misfortunes, secret places and sins in short. In medical science, the 8th house governs the sexual organs, bladder and uterus in males, and the uterus and fallopian tubes in females. In short, the entire pelvic region comes under the 8th house. The 8th house of a horoscope should necessarily be examined to determine whether a disease is going to take a chronic course, as it governs the chronic nature of sickness. Malefic planets in the 8th house spoil the indications of the house. The 8th house is one of the trika houses and is connected with diseases, next to the 6th house. Among the planets that indicate chronic nature of disease are Saturn and mercury, though Rahu also tends to work towards that. The lord of the 8th house spoils any house, where it is posited. If the 8th house lord is in the 8th house, it gives good longevity but a weak constitution, liable to catch infections soon and also suffer from on or the other disease often. A weak 8th lord causes all sorts of misfortunes. The first Drekkana of the 8th house governs the left jaw and teeth, the second Drekkana governs the left lung and mammary glands, and the third Drekkana governs the left calf muscles. Therefore certain planets also produce diseases connected with those parts. In the Medic astrology, whenever the 8th house is afflicted by malefics, the native undergoes some surgical operations connected with sex and reproductive organs. The Sun in the 8th house is noticed to cause defects in eyesight, high fever due to infection of urinary tract, migraine, facial paralysis and palpitations. The Sun, here is not a desirable position for good health or longevity. By readings the horoscope, the astrologer can discern the badly placed planet and the corresponding astrological elements which has caused the problem and can prescribe a remedial measures. Perspective of Medical astrology about the 12 Houses of the Zodiac:

House Organs
1st house

2nd house

3rd house

4th house

5th house

6th house

7th house

8th house

9th house

10th house

11th house

12th house




Place beneath the heart


Generative organ

Upper thigh





If the 6th house is afflicted, there can be digestive tract disorders. Natural malefics in the 6th house may create hyperacidity and gas trouble. Affliction either to the 7th house means disorders of the digestive tract, hyperacidity and gas trouble. The same holds good for the 6th house. If the 6th house or the 7th house is afflicted, one should be very careful about the body's acidity level. From experience, it can be discerned that not only malefic planets bring in problems from enemies, but also problems to the stomach.

If the 12th House is afflicted by malefic planets, there can be affliction to the feet. We have seen many a patient suffering from 12house affliction and which manifests as problems on the feet.

Similarly, 4th house affliction confirms trouble to the Heart. Our health astrology expert knows one patient with heart problem who had the North Node in the Fourth. He had a heart surgery. The North Node in the Heart region in the horoscope had effectuated this problem.

There are some astrologers who take this from the Horoscope of the Kaal Purusha, which is from his Ascendant Aries. This method also confirms accurate results but from experiences, we follow the techniques of Natal Astrology that it is the Ascendant of the native which is the head and the Descendant as the stomach region. Many astrologers who follow sun sign from Aries Ascendant & if a malefic is posited in Virgo, in the 6 house of the Kaalpurusha, astrologers predict stomach problems for the native. If a malefic is posited in Taurus, astrologers predict wounds on the face for the native.

Affliction to any house indicates affliction to the corresponding part of the body. North Node - or any other malefic - in the Sixth is indicative of stomach trouble & ulceration. Fourth house affliction means that the heart is afflicted and first house affliction means that the head is afflicted.

Indian Medical horoscope is found to be very accurate in assessing health problems of natives. Indian astrology reveals many secret facts about health of native when proficient astrologers apply the rules and norms of Indian Vedic astrology while gauging predictions. Any kind of health problems can be predicted by using rules and norms of Indian Vedic astrology about health. Thus, Health horoscope becomes very important in life. Any kinds of diseases could be accurately predicted and also that the diseases could be curable or not, and what kinds of Remedial measures would be appropriate to sort out health problems before its occurrence.This is the unique way to assess health problems by applying astrological facts in lives.

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