How Do You Choose an Astrologer?

How Do You Choose an Astrologer? Word of mouth!

Hints & Tips

I think this is one of the best methods of finding a reliable and trustworthy person to share your concerns with. If you have never asked your friends/family if they know of any contacts now may be the time to do so! Keep in mind that if you are feeling a little anxious about other people knowing that you are thinking about seeing an astrologer, that many people do consult professionals in the alternative field for advice or guidance at various points in their life; so your friends and family may have information that can help you narrow down your search.

Another option open to you is to contact your local astrological association- they usually have a list of experienced, qualified and ethical astrologers that are available in your area.

When making your inquiries some questions you may consider asking your potential astrologer include:
  1. What type of astrology do they specialize in, ie - spiritual, psychological, past life, etc?
  2. Do they explain the information in a non-technical way that you are able to understand?
  3. Do they charge by the hour or do they have a set fee?
  4. What can you expect when you arrive, is there anything you need to bring along, ie a blank audio tape?
  5. How long have they been working in the field?
  6. What type of payment is accepted?
  7. Are they able to provide references?
  8. Do they hold any formal qualification (if not where did they learn about astrology) or keep up to date with new astrological techniques?
  9. Perhaps you may even be able to briefly meet them to get a feel for your potential relationship?
  10. Are they members of a professional astrological association?
  1. Use heavily technical language that you cannot understand (what's the point in going if you don't what they are talking about)?
  2. Tell you they can pick winning lotto numbers.
  3. Don't listen to you.
  4. Will go into preparing a third person's chart without that person's permission (unless the third person is a minor and the parent/guardian is consenting to this).
  5. Talks about other clients in a derogatory fashion or discusses others' personal issues;
  6. Makes decisions for you or tells you what to do.
  7. Most importantly, I think it's important that you feel comfortable with your astrologer and that you feel understood (and you can understand them)!
Once you have found your personal astrologer it is important to remember that most of us can't read minds! The more comfortable and trusting of your astrologer you are, the more you will get out of the actual consultation.
Keep in mind that the astrologer's job is to interpret the astrological symbols to you in a way that has meaning for you. If you can also keep in mind that a symbol has a multitude of different meanings, while a sign basically has only one, you can begin to understand the importance of being able to communicate clearly with one another to build rapport and to gain meaning from the symbols represented in your birth chart. So if your astrologer seems to be going off track, let them know so they can explore other interpretations that do have meaning for you.
In my experience I have found that when people come to see me they have a matter they would like to discuss but they are embarrassed to talk whatever is troubling them. Keep in mind that astrologers see a wide variety of"situations" and people on a regular basis, are bound by confidentiality guidelines and are generally non-judgmental.
My experience as an astrologer has taught me that there is no such thing as"normal" and that everyday people can sometimes find themselves in the most awkward and unusual situations! So rest at ease - a problem shared is a problem solved!

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