The importance of the specific election in Moon Astrology.

One most important rule of election astrology is to elect SPECIFICALLY tothe matter. If you look at the most successful ventures out there, some theirinception charts are only modest in terms of planetary dignity or even aspects.Sure, they have some very good astrological elements, but the most importantthing is that they are SPECIFIC to the matter. In real life, that translates tosomeone who knows what he/she is doing and is really into the matter. 

Specific, means, in the first place, the right planet in the right sign. Thenatural signification of the matter in the right sign.

Consider marriages for instance: no, Venus is not in always in the right placein Taurus, Libra or Pisces. Some marriages are just not that way. Ask theclient how he/she really wants the marriage to be like (and what he/she reallywants in the marriage) and elect the Venus' position by sign accordingly. Theclient will be most happy about it. Obviously, the "ideal" marriageshave Venus strong.

For instance "Gone with the Wind", the movie, was a phenomenalsuccess, possibly one of the greatest love stories of our times, and waspremiered on December, 15, 1939, when Venus was in Capricorn square Saturn andtrine Uranus. Would you have elected a such premiere date for this movie? Idoubt that I would have done it... Remember though that this was a dramaromance film that ended badly, and as such, the aspects HAD to be veryspecific. 

This is why the study of event charts (inception charts) is very useful forthe election astrologer. My advice when electing a chart for a venture youdon't know very well is to prepare the actual election reading by studying thecharts of successful similar ventures (that started spontaneously), in order toidentify what they have in common and what made them successful, then justemphasize and harmonize those features, using the traditional astrologicaltechniques. 

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