Indian economy may find it difficult to free itself from the clutches of inflation.

Inflation, in simple words, may bedefined as the rise in prices of goods and services over a period of time. Aswe say that inflation has been rising today, it means that the number of goodsand services a person is able purchase with a unit of currency today is lessthan what he earlier could. Inflation not only affects the global and nationaleconomy, but also has far reaching affects on a common man. It severely affectsthe common man, as it raises the prices of basic necessities, reduces thepurchasing power of money, and thereby increases the cost of living. Moreover,in the countries like India,where the middle class and lower-middle class form majority of the population,inflation puts a backbreaking burden on the common man.
Moreover, rising inflation affectsthe prices of shares in the stock market and valuation of the companies. Somecompanies can afford to raise the prices of the goods and services theyprovide, but some may not, as they have to provide competitive prices to theircustomers/buyers in order to compete with their rivals who don't have to changethe prices due to inflation. Besides, inflation does have an adverse impact onthe nation's as well as common man's savings. As people have to spend more,they are unable to save money. Less savings implies less investment; lessinvestment means slower progress; slower progress means even lesser savings,and thus the vicious circle never ends. Inflation is indeed a devil that needsto be controlled and reined! Various factors affect the inflation rate, andcontrolling them means controlling the rising inflation rate. However, it isnot at all easy to control these factors. In fact, it is a lengthy and a muchcomplex process. 
Although, the Indian government hasbeen trying to control the inflation rate, this has proved to be a mammothtask. Today, when the world looks at India with huge expectations, andin fact it is expected to be the next economic giant within next couple ofdecades or so, the ceaselessly rising inflation rate poses a serious threat tonation's financial progress. Will under the leadership of Hon'ble PM ManmohanSingh and Hon'able FM Pranab Mukhraji the Indian government be able to controlthe inflation rate? Will the common man's struggle against price rise continue?Or will the government be able to find out a solution in near future? Acharya VShastri finds out. Read on to know what Acharya V Shastri has predicted for theIndian economy and inflation rate. 
Acharya V Shastri analysesthe chart of Taurus rising Ascendant with Krutika Constellation. Rahu is inconjunct with the degrees of Ascendant. Mars is posited in second house whereasJupiter is in Sixth house. Acharya V Shastri observes a stellium of six planetsin third house.

Mars should be considered as aninauspicious planet as far as Independent India?s chart is concerned. Mars, theLord of the 12th and 7th House, is going to remain in the4th House till 21/06/2012. On the other hand, the 5thHouse is going to be afflicted by retrograde Saturn between 16/05/2012 to04/08/2012. Here, the 10th House also needs to be considered, as itrepresents political movements and administrative acts of government. Besides,the Lord of this House is Saturn and is in retrograde motion. Therefore, somemajor events are likely to happen on this front.

But, Acharya V Shastri is positiveand doesn't see the need to become distressed and panicky. The reason for Hisoptimism is Dashanth Sun. Independent India is currently under the influence ofSun's Mahadasha, and shall continue to be in that state till 10/09/2015.Moreover, Indiais going to be under the influence of Jupiter's Antardasha till 16/07/2012 andSun's Pratyantar Dasha till 22/04/2012. The advantageous period can beattributed to Sun's Mahadasha. Moreover, Jupiter will enter in Ascendant from18/05/2012.

1.     The growth rate is expected to remain either average or below the averagelevel . Although the Twelfth Plan of ?Planning Commission of India? (2012 ?17) aims to achieve the growth rate of 9.5% by the end of 2012, lowagricultural productivity and high global commodity prices may act as majordeterrents in the expected growth.

2.     It is important to note that due to the aforementioned Jupiter's transitthrough the 12th House of foreign relations in India's chart, Global Multinational Companiesmay get more interested in Indiaas one of the emerging markets. Acharya V Shastri sees this as a positiverepercussion and a huge responsibility. However, there may be many roadblocksin this issue, and the entire issue may get delayed. Overall, the entire year2012 looks set to be quite eventful and challenging for the Indian economy andmajor factors affecting it including foreign direct investments (FDI) in theIndian domestic market and the Indian retail market, concludes Acharya VShastri.

3.     As for the stock market, Acharya V Shastri considers the period between17/05/2012 to 31/05/2012 to be an important one. During the time frame of 11days, the 22nd May shall be a noteworthy date. On 22-05-2012, Venus, Ketu, Sun, Jupiter, Moon and Mercury ? the sixplanets shall be in the zodiac sign Taurus, and that is why the market islikely to create an uneven pattern. Moreover, the time slots between 20thand 21st May will bear an impact of a solar eclipse. Therefore,you'll need to tread very carefully. This solar eclipse is going to occur inKritika constellation of the zodiac sign Taurus. Also, you don't have many daysfor trading in this phase, yet Nifty may make a graph similar to boiling andoverflowing milk (a sudden concave graph), says Acharya V Shastri.

4.     In stock Market Here, Acharya V Shastri gives you a list of dates aroundwhich the times are likely to be highly volatile, fluctuating andunpredictable. Some undesirable events, such as earthquakes, tsunami, terroristattacks, floods, etc. are likely to happen around these dates, and wouldclearly and directly affect the stock market.

The volatile, fluctuating andunpredictable dates are : 19-04-2012, 20-04-2012, 24-04-2012, 11-05-2012,22-05-2012, 17-07-2012, 27-07-2012, 02-08-2012, 20-11-2012 and 25-12-2012.

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