Love marriage Predictions by Indian Vedic astrology

The word love has a very wider meaning that what it apparently appears when coined with the word "MARRIAGE". There is a dictum "Love is God", God is love. In every religion love is extolled as a secret motive. Love generates compassion and vice verse.

Love and compassion are twin sisters. Apart from widows/widowers marrying, there are instances in which unmarried girls marrying widowers and vice verse. What else other than love/compassion bring in this marriage? Consideration, money/position/status? Very seldom.

The word Marriage is also equally sacred. The time old adage’ Marriages are made in heaven ‘is well known and it is well meant in its import. The literal meaning of the word marriage is “unity in wedlock; coupling each other”.

There are innumerable stories in epics/Puranas that sages/celestials/saints had been subjected to kaamdeva’s envelopments and there had been love marriages. Eight types of marriages are mentioned, one of which Gandharva marriage, which had moral and ethical sanction e.g. Dushayanta/Shakuntala, Arjuna/Subhadra.But evolutions have diluted such events to such a stage now that hardly can we derive satisfaction in the context of present day love marriage. Them comes the karma theory. We meet each other, because we have met, and sure enough, God willing, we will meet again. Please see ‘Geeta’.When Lord Shri Krishna said that he had propounded Yogas to vivaswan (Surya), vivaswan to Manu, and Manu to ekshawaku but due to paucity of time, the effect had been lost in the world.Arjuna had a doubt, as to while Shri Krishna’s birth was later than Surya, how could he impart Yogas to surya.on prayer by Arjuna to enlighten him on the problem, the lord said that he had taken many births and so also Arjuna but Arjuna did not know that. In the matter of a boy meeting a girl and falling in love it is worth remembering the theory of Punarjanma. Jyotish also indicates Poorva Janma bandha (Relationship in either birth/s).Hence if a boy and a girl fall in love, it can be due to Poorva Janma bandha also. However it may be stated that even if the birth charts of a boy and a girl in love, Poorva Janma bandha is indicated, the love marriage need not necessarily take place in this birth itself.

Unless the horoscope charts compare favorably for marriage. Chapter fourteen of Jaatkadesha an Indian astrology book is devoted for analysis of the compatibility of a girl and a boy in wedlock. Out of the various aspects coming up for consideration, Rajju and Vedha are of utmost importance. Rajju dosha point out Naasha (downfall) of one of the partners, unless there are good Yogas to off set.Vedha dosha also indicate naasha for one of the partners causing various miseries and even threat to longevity of life. If there are good Yogas in the birth chart, then the degree of sufferings/miseries may be minimized. When astrologers match the horoscopes of girls and boy for marriage, importance is also given to Vashya .Vashya in simple language means attractions. The attraction should be in calm and strong, there should be happiness and peace, and attraction should not be restricted to physical features, too.

Causative lord of mind is moon.5th house in a birth chart inter relates to mind. Causative lord of marriage is venus.7th house in a birth chart inter relates to marriage, spouse, love, harmony. Venus rules sex. Venus is taste. Venus is erotic.

Saturn is causative lord of touch/feeling. Saturn is the significator of servants/servitude. When moon, Venus and Saturn get connected, the broad indication is that the native is prone to love marriage. There are inter caste, inter religion marriages. Indian Vedic astrology gives clues to such marriages, of course, one or the more of the above. These are subtle subjects to be studied carefully and interpreted. We wish that our better half should not be worst half.

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