The Moon in election astrology

I'd like to also emphasize the utmost importance of the Moon. 

The Moon represents the inner substance or "the feel" that peopleget of a certain situation or entity. This is actually very important so thatinner resources might be in tune with the outer actions. Vivian Robson in hiselection astrology treatise underlines the importance of the Moon's applyingaspect to the specific planet (such as Jupiter for a rich man or Venus forone's sweetheart). But then you can't base an entire election on the Moon only,unless it's an ephemeral event. The Moon moves quickly and so the magicalenergies of the election disappear into thin air. I once started a websitebased on some most powerful Moon's aspects and position. It was a huge successat the beginning but then it faded away into oblivion as the Moon secondaryprogressed into the next sign.

However, if your interest is just to create a magical moment for asuccessful one-time event, focus on the Moon.

For instance, when performing astrological magic, the recommendations are toplace the sought for astrological element at the Ascendant with the Moonapplying to it by a harmonious aspect.
Similarly, when just looking for the best moment to make love to agirlfriend you only occasionally meet, have the Moon conjunct /sextiles /trineVenus (in overall decent astrological weather) and there you'll have it. Evenyour wife will appreciate more your efforts at those times...

Okay, stopping the rant, back to the theory, now about the importance of theMoon's phase and positioning by sign.

For instance, should the client want a chart to start a website as aplaceholder to display his/her articles or ideas, the disseminating phase ofthe Moon is the right choice, instead of a phase during the waxing Moon. Thetendency of growth (waxing Moon) is not the answer in all circumstances.

The positioning by sign is also very important, especially where publicinvolvement is expected. For instance, the Moon in Gemini is perfect for adiscussion forum. The "Astrologers' Community" forum on this websitewas started with the Moon in Gemini, people proved to be talkative and theforum grew beyond expectations.

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