Parivartana Yoga and its ruler-ship in Indian Vedic Astrology.

Parivartana Yoga

Another way in which planets can be connected is through parivartana yoga. This is called mutual reception in western astrology. The planets receive connection through being in each other’s sign of rulership. For example: Mars in Cancer, and Moon in Scorpio, Mars is in the sign ruled by Cancer, and the Moon is in the sign ruled by Mars. Their rulerships exchange signs.

A special note if you have a planet that is in aspect, and in parivartana then you have 2 planets in a Sambandha, this means they are completely connected. This makes these planets connect and operate together. They work in unison.

When entering a dasha of a planet involved in parivartana yoga it would simultaneously activate the other planet through this connection. An example of sambandha is the Sun in Aquarius and Saturn in Leo. The Sun and Saturn mutually aspect each other plus they are in each other’s sign of ruler-ship. 
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