Plants and Planets in Astrology

The Jurisdiction of Planets over the Plants

  • The Sun: the palm, the rosemary, the heliotrope, the crocus, and all aromatics
  • The Moon: the cucumber, the gourd, the pepin fruits apples and pears, the lettuce
  • Mercury: the corylus and the millefoil
  • Venus: the olive, the pine, the lily, the rose and the pea
  • Mars: pepper, ginger, mustard, jalap, scammony, colocynt, euphorbium, all bitter plants and hot poisons
  • Jupiter: the laurel, the sandal-wood, the cinnamon, the balsam and the incence tree
  • Saturn: the oak, the mespilus, the rue, the hellebore, and generally all those of slow growth, of narcotic virtue and of crass substance 

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