Scorpio Horoscope

Famous Scorpions:    Bruce Lee, Indira Gandhi, Marlon Brando, Saddam Husain, Kamal Hassan, Satya Sai Baba,  Jodie Foster, Tina Turner, Kevin Costner.

Characteristics of the Scorpions
Scorpions are sensual, intuitive, attractive, disciplined, emotional, alluring and have strong memory. They are usually dominant, curious, interfering in others activities, exaggerate and secretive. The most positive traits of the natives of Scorpio are magnetism and their understanding skills, while their negative points are possessiveness.

Scorpio 2012 Yearly Horoscope - General Overview
A Scorpio 2012 horoscope prediction foresees that this year will bless you with good spiritual as well as professional success. Your name and fame in society would be good in the latter part of 2012. Scorpions will achieve a substantial amount of professional satisfaction and improvement.

Scorpio Horoscope 2012 highlights that good support of your elders will come as a blessing in disguise. Cordial relationship with your siblings will be maintained. They will do well in their career and profession. Someone of your siblings may go to foreign country for higher studies or job. Domestic turmoil and imbalance will disturb you. There will be change of place or residence. You may not feel good in your home surroundings.

Some problems are likely to appear suddenly, but you should not worry about these. Listen to your intuition, not to what others say. Keep things simple, scale down and you will be successful. You'll be pulled in to too many directions; get prepared to say no. Inclination towards occult and yogic sciences is foreseen for the natives of Scorpio in 2012. Spirituality will also increase and you will go very deep in these subjects. Some laziness is possible with respect to your regular routine. This will curtail your productivity. The natives of Scorpio in 2012 should roll up your sleeves and get things started.

Scorpio Horoscope 2012 – Health Forecast
Watchwords for 2012 with regards to your health are motivation, empathy, self-awareness and self regulation. Unwanted fear and negative thoughts will lead to mind related complications. Nurture more positive thoughts by getting associated with positive people, reading positive books and spiritual practices. But for this, you will have to remain hale and healthy throughout the year. Avoid self medication even for minor complication. Mother or motherly person’s health could bring some concern for the natives of Scorpio in 2012.

People ailing from chronic ailments will have to go for regular checkups. Old aged person needs more care and regular check up for smooth health. You should not neglect even a minor health issue. Take medicine and diet properly.

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Scorpio Horoscope 2012 - Financial Forecast
Scorpio Yearly Forecast shows that money is average throughout the year. More expenses are foreseen for the natives of Scorpio in 2012. Have a check on your expenses. Expenses for philanthropic activities may be higher during this year; however, if you possess more this good karma will be returned to you later. Your open enemies will be defeated by you. Legal cases and litigation will go in your favor. So try to wind up all these before May 2012.

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Scorpio Horoscope 2012 – Love & Romance Forecast
Scorpio Yearly Forecast for Love and romance indicates that romance will be quite disappointing until mid 2012. More emotional disputes between the loved ones will be witnessed until May; however, the romantic front will lift up the spirits during the second part of 2012.

Unmarried natives of Scorpio in 2012 may get married during May to August and will get a partner of their desire. There will be mutual love and cooperation between couples during the later part of the year. This is the right year to stay away from pressures. Quench your desire to travel. Plan a pleasure trip with your spouse, recharge, relax and explore.

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Scorpio Horoscope 2012 – Business & Career Forecast
Scorpio Yearly Forecast for Business & Career indicates that learning something new will help you get ahead. However, staying in the same position, being overworked and underpaid will lead you to discontent. It's time to start planning your way to better times. Scorpion individual businessmen will face upward trend in the beginning of 2012, while the later part stumbles a little. So do not plan for any expansion.

Partnership business is favorable for the natives of Scorpio in 2012 during the later part of 2012. Some may also get new opportunities to sign in new partnership deeds. Those who are in service may be affected during the early part of 2012. Be careful while dealing with superiors and colleagues. At job front, try to complete your assignments yourself and do not depend on others. People involved in IT industry, military personals and doctors will do well in 2012.

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Scorpio Horoscope 2012 – Educational Forecast
Scorpio Yearly Forecast for 2012 indicates that hard work will get you anywhere. So keep away from you usual lethargic nature. Socializing might bring down your productivity. Students of arts, management, finance, commerce, fashion design, literature and research will do well in 2012. Some may get scholarship for higher studies and will visit foreign countries for higher studies. The natives of Scorpio in 2012 should also seek blessings from your parents.

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