Sun in Taurus

Taurus is one of the most ancient signs of the zodiac and celebrates the domestication of the ox, which provided a cultural turning point for mankind. During the Taurean, ancient civilisations flourished upon the labour of the bull and the agricultural benefits that arose from the associated invention of the plough. During this period the bull became one of the most important religious symbols, honoured as a powerful symbol of productivity and creativity.

Today the sun passes through Taurus during the blossoming period of spring when new growth begins to colour and flower. This is a time of pleasant, relaxing warmth, lush greenery and gentle colours; the season of fertility where nature abounds with the rearing of the young and tender.

Although renown for its reserves of strength and power, Taurus symbolises a mellow energy, easy going and slow to arouse in any particular passion. Those born under this sign like to take things easy and have a gift for appreciating the finer things in life. They may not demand the instant attention commanded by the livelier signs, but give them time and they start to reveal a depth of character that is very alluring and attractive. The Taurean manner is comforting, supportative and marked by a dry and earthy humour - neither subject to airy illusions or undue emotional excitement, their subtle 'get real' approach is a refreshing and welcomed anchorage point for those of us who are easily infected by exaggerated dreams, fiery passions, or unrealistic promises.

The gift of the Taurean is resilience, fixidity and endurance. Taureans are often accused of being too fixed in their opinions and too slow to embrace change or mental motivation, but their insights have settled slowly, taking time to mature, and thus carry a strength of permanence that is resistant to superficial movement. What manifests as stubbornness to some can be seen from the opposite side as reliable reassurance and rare constancy. When Taureans adopt a cause or commit to friendship, they honour their pledges and allegiances, remaining steadfast to their loyalties through thick and thin.

It is often said that you can't push a bull, you can only lead it from the front. Approach Taureans from the wrong angle and they simply become the immovable object that even the most irrepressible force won't shift. Although their nature is not aggressive, when locked in combat they possess the ultimate strength - the determination to do nothing at all, except refuse to shift. The capacity for stillness is a rare talent, and should a Taurean decide to park itself down and just sit, slow persuasive tactics are the only antidote. Brute force, intimidation, fear and threats roll off the back of a creature that knows you will tire of the game before it does.

Taureans are inherently placid, so it is rare for them to lose their temper and display anger and aggression. When they do, fearful as they become, they lose touch with their true strength and display their vulnerability. They don't respond in anger lightly, so the act itself is a sign of severe distress and emotional confusion that deserves some consideration. But if a Taurean 'loses it', their instinct is to charge and rage; they display their distress through instantaneous physical destruction, noises and bangs rather than hurtful mental assaults, verbal spears, or the execution of a pre-planned attack. The proverbial 'bull in a china shop' has no purpose in the destruction, but by comparison to the innate strength and power of a raging bull, all the surroundings seem fragile and easily broken. Ultimately they will be the most distressed and frightened by the intensity of their passions and seek to close that vulnerability by hardening themselves emotionally. There are places that Taureans just do not want to go, making them the least communicative of all the zodiac types when it comes to revealing their inner workings or relating openly and honestly about their emotional drives.

But relationships are important to the Taurean and so is love, though they may shy away from the frivolously romantic, or what they may consider 'sloppy' expressions of love. The sign is ruled by Venus, an association which strengthens the Taurean proclivity for earthy, sensual delights and physical desires. Anything that enchants and indulges the senses as well as the emotions is a source of pleasure to a Taurean, so that they are often marked by their interest in fine clothing, soft silks, rich velvets, jewels and works of art or beauty. Their leanings are generally towards the conventional and non-controversial, but through their pronounced sensuality they often reveal a true flair for mixing colours, smells, textures, tastes, sounds and sights to the delight of others and themselves. In their quest for harmony they will naturally shun the 'ugly', 'cheap' or 'crude', and others may mistake this as pure materialism, but it is an expression of their sensuous natures, through which adornment and refined environments create an extension of their own inner grace.

As lovers, Taureans are known for being extremely physical, passionately fond of sex, but high in drive and low in imagination. Always veering towards the conservative and traditional, they dislike novelties, experimentation or quirky fads. Trust and stability are essential qualities in any relationships - this is not a sign suited to open marriages or free and superficial relationships. Neither do they like the confusion of the emotional games played in relationships, which leads to the kind of stress that promotes their less admirable traits. Jealousy is reputed to be one of their worst faults, but Taureans are no more inclined to jealousy than any of the other signs. The problem is they handle it badly: having a poor talent for the delicate art of scheming, they display their jealousy in a direct and obvious manner, making it very clear that in their terms a commitment is a commitment and carries a heavy responsibility.

Some also accuse Taureans of being covetous, needing to possess and own, and having a very simplistic mental outlook that translates everything into that which is solid, reliable and practical - and therefore real - and that which is not. It is true that they struggle with abstract concepts and this is not a sign that is known for mental agility, lateral thinking or any particular skill in originality and inventiveness. Their interests revolve around established priniciples, so they are great lovers of history and heritage. In domestic life they adhere to traditional values, and in commerce they like to invest in proven collateral - property, antiques, that which has acquired its value over time and offers a slow and steady return.

As the first of the 'Earth' signs, Taurus personalises the expressions 'solid as a rock' and 'down to earth'. There is a true affinity with earth, and being in the world of nature and surrounded by the products of the earth is a source of spiritual strength. Farming and agriculture belong to Taurus, relating back to the signs early origins. Productivity and creativity are also appropriate keywords - Taureans are never happier than when putting physical form to their concept of harmony and beauty. So you will find many involved in the creative arts, or demonstrating creativity in practical pursuits such as flower arranging, pottery, creative cookery, etc. For them, there is a real sense of relaxation in just 'doing' without the need to overtax oneself emotionally or mentally. Once motivated to begin a project, they shine through their noticeable powers of endurance and resilience. More than any other sign, this is one of hidden reserves of power and strength. Of solidity in form and character. 

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