Sunpha, Anpha and Durdhara yoga in Indian Vedic Astrology

Sunpha Yoga

Any planet excluding the Sun, Rahu and Ketu in the house second from the Moon creates Sunpha Yoga. This indicates acquisition, and the planet itself will describe the manner in which things will be acquired. For example, Mars in the 2nd house from the Moon, is Sunpha Yoga indicating an aggressive manner in acquiring money, or possessions. This Yoga is about receiving.

Anpha Yoga

Any planet excluding the Sun, Rahu or Ketu in the house 12th from the Moon creates Anpha Yoga. This yoga deals with giving. The 12th house is about giving, and expenditures. This is about generosity. For example, Jupiter 12th house from the Moon is someone who is very generous.

It is noted that the planets Sun, Rahu and Ketu do not constitute either a Sunpha or Anpha Yoga. As a matter of fact, if they are with other planets 2nd or 12th from the Moon they will drastically weaken or cancel these yogas. This is because when the Sun is close to the Moon, the Moon is weak or dark. There is little awareness or consciousness. The Moon emits little light. Some believe the Moon becomes malefic when dark. The full Moon is considered very auspicious because it reflects more light indicating more awareness. The nodes of the Moon (Rahu and Ketu) when situated close to the Moon will definitely change the Moon’s effects. The receptive qualities of the Moon are disrupted. Rahu will indicate addictive, obsessive destructive qualities. Ketu will indicate internalized emotions controlled by our past lives, current external factors are less influential. Rahu and Ketu will distort the qualities of the planets they conjoin.


This when you have both the Sunpha, and the Anpha Yogas. Planets on both sides surround the Moon. This totally supports the Moon, this person is happy and feels supported in life. They will receive as well as give back to the world.

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