Which gemstone are you most drawn to that is NOT your birthstone?

Which gemstone are you most drawn to that is NOT your birthstone?

There are many gemstones i love! however, the gemstone i am mostly attracted to is a member of the 'gypsum' family, which is called saturn or satin spar selenite. This naturally formed crystal is linked to the crown chakra, it has a very high frequency, its used for scrying, regenerating other gemstones and its excellent for meditating under the moon light. this is a very powerful crystal.

I have 2 eggs, a palm stone, a few pieces of raw SSS, a wand, I have about 30 tumble stones which i keep spread around the rest of my crystals: SSS tends to be the crystal i give to people more than any other crystals also, since it is a very calming, soothing and a nurturing crystal. The shimmer of this crystal is extremely *angelic* which puts me in a higher consciousness within seconds of looking at it alone. It brings peace and clarity to me in a deep yet high level.
This crystal is a birthstone of Taurus, I am the opposite ~ Scorpio sun, which in itself is kinda interesting.

There are so many though, like you said! i have a large clear quartz obliqueness right here next to my monitor. I have some large pieces of amethyst with wonderful clusters/points on them, spheres, necklaces, bracelets, agate slices (which looks beautiful at night when i light a candle behind them), all sorts.

Satin spar selenite will likely always be the first crystal i think of and... by far... have the most of :) its truly a wonderful energy *

Other faves - Labradorite, lapis lazuli, blue apatite, blue kyanite, tibetan quartz, amber, malachite (i have a malachite bowl and 8 eggs), opal, moonstone, onyx, tigers eye (i have all of these crystals, i don't even know how many i have anymore, i have a nice lil collection which i use in healing, probably about 300 pieces all together)

I dont have any recent photos of all of my satin spar selenite pieces, but thought to add one i took a while ago.

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