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Taurus horoscope for 2012
The targets and goals that you had aimed for last year are likely to continue this year as well. You havebeen religiously following your exercise regime, and the trend is likely to continue. Your love life maygo through ups and downs this year. Be calm and patient, and let your relationship survive the storm.Financially, the year looks quite promising, as your bank balance is likely to soar. But, try to cultivate aholistic approach towards the society, and return a part of your success to it. Helping the needy will notonly give you a sense of achievement, but also peace and contentment.
Home and domesticlife
As far as home and domestic life is concerned, Bulls prefer to go with the flow, and this year is nodifferent. It's a stable year - no great achievements, no set-backs either. Renovation or redecoration ofhome is on the cards. You may buy luxurious items or gadgets to improve your lifestyle. Certainplanetary positions are likely to cause misunderstandings and conflicts among the family members.But, nothing to worry about, as these are mere phases and shall pass.
Love life
Your love life is likely to be highly volatile and challenging this year. You may be all set to fulfil yourdreams and wishes, but there are chances that your partner may not be supportive of it. Keep your cool,and try to sort out the matter maturely. Don't let the competitive environment at the career front affectyour relationship. If you are single, cut down on your socializing and concentrate only on the personwhom you consider to be your soul-mate. If you are planning to tie the nuptial knot, postpone the plantill next year.
You are likely to be in the pink of health throughout the year. You may suffer from minor healthtroubles and stress, fatigue etc. during the year, though. Overexertion at work or at home is apossibility. Some parts of your body may be highly sensitive during the year, and may need extraattention. Take care! Concentrate more on your diet to live healthily and happily in the coming year.
Career Andfinance
Good news is that money is likely to pour in from all the sides in 2012, be it in form of inheritance,investments or business profits. Your plans to bring in the investments from outside, i.e. foreigninvestments may finally be implemented, and your business decisions may turn out to be for the best.It's time for you to enjoy the luxuries of life. Travelling, shopping wining & dining will make your lifeexciting. Unexpected developments in your career may give you sleepless nights.
This year, developing inclination towards spirituality will make you a stronger person. Spirituality willgive you power to change yourself and your world in your own way. However, act patiently and don'texpect sudden changes in your life. You may even think of contributing to the society by helping theneedy and the poor. In fact, that may be your mission for the coming year. Way to go, Bulls!

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