Assertion, Anger or Aggression?

Our solar system has nine planets which are nine physical representations of nine afterlife realms. The Earth physically represents the third afterlife realm which is three-dimensional reality. In fact, the whole physical universe contains physical representations of afterlife realms. This does not mean that souls live on the surface of other planets as we do on Earth. It means that souls live in other dimensions of the afterlife such as fourth and fifth-dimensional afterlife realms. These spirit realms have physical representations which are the planets that we see at night with our three-dimensional eyes.Aggressiveness or Anger behavior is created by Mars in our body.
Mars’ nature is of men, fiery, warlike and dry one. Mars was called at all times “God of war” because it determines our ability to resolute and power actions; it provides us with aggression, courage, force.

It is largely similar in its qualities with the Sun. It gives us self-reliance, strength of will and energy for achievement of goals. In contrast to the self-luminous, self-sufficient Sun, Mars needs some fuel. It is very important that the fuel for its fire would be a desire for finding the God’s love, the aspiration to help people and protect weak ones but not  wishes to satisfy one’s feelings in many directions, to obtain something at the expense of people around and similar. Unfortunately, especially in the modern ages, Mars due to its aggressiveness causes conflicts, rivalry, wars, cruelty, generates a desire to achieve one’s aim at any price.

The Sun and the Moon present Yin and Yang in terms of paternity and maternity but Mars and Venus symbolize Yin and Yang in terms of sexual partners.

Mars is a planet of explorations too, but usually it implies technological scientific progress, because Mars manages weapons, instruments of labor and machines. But modern culture`s main aim is  achievement of material prosperity with the help of technological progress, which results in desire to solve all the issues  by force and to create more and more powerful weapons.  Our civilization becomes tougher, warlike, whereas the people have less love.

If a man is seriously engaged in spiritual practice, Mars gives him an ability to be disciplined, ascetic, the talent of a researcher, practicality, and good leadership qualities.

Mars in ignorance.

Mars in Tamas gives a man permanently rising aggression, blood lust. Such people love watching fights without any rules. The battle of bulls – this is a clear appearance of Ignorance too, you should not even watch it, because the bull is considered an embodiment of Dharma and goodness.

Mars initially has Tamasious-Radjastical nature, so it is difficult to illustrate Mars in pure Sattva.

Mars in Ignorance gives a desire for destruction of all, and also, curiously enough, laziness, because Mars is in charge of practical execution of the task. However, if a man has Mars in full Ignorance, he does not want to do anything at all.

It has also to do with sexual perversion, sadism, sadomasochism, brutality, cruelty, all forms of violence (because Mars is in charge of force), including sexual violence. Nevertheless, should such a man have his Moon in Ignorance, it will give him sexual violence with children.

Rough manner, rude words – it is about Ignorance. In Tamas Mars becomes also apparent when a man repays aggression to Goodness. Such people, even children, radiate energy of hate and irritation.

Where does a young child`s aggression come from? There are 2 possible options: either it comes from а person`s past life (it is typical, basic rule) or while а child was in his mother’s belly, his parents were quarrelling with each other, or when he was quite a little baby, in a house where he had been growing, there was atmosphere of Mars in Ignorance, for instance, his father used to beat his mother. However, as a rule, the reason to be born in such a family there should be definite problems with Mars coming from one’s past life and those problems are put into one’s subconsciousness.

One of my patients has strong Mars connected with a House of Partner and a House of Food. In her childhood, she used to fight and was at war with everybody, played football with boys, and what is the most interesting, she adored raw meat from little up. While cooking meat dishes she could not help tasting the chops even before they are ready, tasted them raw. This is very strong Mars in Passion and in Ignorance. If in a week’s time you will be feeding а kind dog only with raw meat, it will change into an angry dog attacking everyone. Meat, especially raw – this is Mars in Ignorance, it increases aggression – so, as a rule, vegetarians are calmer for the most part than meat eaters are. If in India to enter the village, where the meat-eaters live, then you immediately feel the difference: the people are different there, more aggressive and bellicose.

In ancient times kshatris (warriors) were sometimes allowed to eat meat (game, fish), they were not allowed to eat only pigs and cows. They also could have a few wives and concubines, drink wine and eat meat. Nevertheless, when enemies attacked, they took swards and died calmly, if it was necessary, because warriors had to protect citizens at the cost of their lives. A warrior must have Passion to be strong and successful in a battle – for this, it is necessary to have powerful Martian force. 

Destruction of any building is Mars in Ignorance too. For example, destruction of a house. If you live next to the site, where people demolish а house, so the indications of Mars in Ignorance in some way, to some degree, become apparent in your life. If next to your house, there is a building under construction, it means Mars in Passion.

Such a man can be very lazy and cowardly, although he outwardly tries to look like a very brave man. He experiences aggression towards everybody, even to those who helped him once. He eats a lot of meat; other kinds of food he does not even consider such, ready to drink any alcohol in any amount.

Mars in Passion.

Mars is considered a passionate, hot and active planet. Mars itself is an embodiment of male beauty, and as the saying goes, that if a woman would see a handsome man with Martian appearance, she wouldn`t be able to take her look aside. Good-located, strong Mars can give you an unusual attractiveness and beauty – therefore passion is typical for the manifestations of the planet.

Mars in Passion is all kinds of gaming, not only cards, but any fights, competitions, tournaments too. Passionate Mars gives the desire for rivalry, competition, stimulates a man to do something active, to contrive.

Modern sports are Mars in Passion. Any kinds of sports which are higher than the 2nd class are unhealthy. Sportsmen who obtained high results are already, as a rule, sick people, who have worn-out bodies. After leaving big sport, they usually come under the influence of gunas of Ignorance.

Sport fans are also demonstrations of Mars in Passion and Ignorance. Strong sexual lust is Mars in Passion (and partially in Ignorance).

For men having such Mars sexual hyperactivity is typical. Modern psychologists have already concluded, that the more man is sexually active, the more active he is in his social life. So all the nations under strong Mars influence (in the first place Caucasians, less Latin Americans) are very active, passionate and energetic.

“Martians” love debating, provoking an interlocutor, they have inside them a very strong spirit of challenge, spirit of rivalry. For passionate people it is necessary to achieve something actively, to prove, to win, to assert them constantly. That is not bad. Such is Mars` nature, because Mars is a planet providing your will, ability to realization of your energy potential.  

Mars being in guna of Passion is in charge of all extreme kinds of sports, extreme entertainments tickling nerves on thin edge between animal horror and euphoria (and in Sattva Mars gives absence of fear, when you need to take the risk to help somebody or climb the high mountain peak, when it is necessary).   

Mars in Passion gives wish and aspiration for resolving all the issues by force. Vulgar speech with sexual implication, dirty jokes – that is Mars in Passion too, often together with Venus.

The fitness clubs where people work out are under Mars influence. They aren`t embarrassed with the fact that it is not very good for their health, the key thing is that it gives them sexual attractiveness. Artificial working out gives the outer beauty, but takes their energy away on the thin level. Teenagers go working out not to be fit but to attract girls’ attention.

Women-bodybuilders have hormone changes in their bodies: energy of the Moon and Venus is being replaced with energy of Mars in passion. Therefore, they have often problems with childbearing, menstruation. Such women could take interest in their own sex, because their Mars tends to increase and they feel inside them male energies.

     Power sports intensify Mars too and that`s one of the reasons for the girls not to be carried away by them. Shows tickling nerves, creating large emotional tension are also Mars in Passion. However, the shows in the Roman Empire were in Ignorance, because they killed the gladiators and animals there. Any shows where murders, violence, and blood involved are considered Mars in Tamas.

Martial arts with Mars in Goodness – these are many of the Eastern Martial Arts (aikido, taekwondo etc). Before getting down to immediate study of these techniques, people learned Eastern philosophy and psychology for many years. To go in for such Martial Arts, it is necessary to have in the first place a proper world-view. Most of the Martial Arts teachers used to be also famous philosophers and spiritual gurus.

If you want to intensify your Mars, become more decided, start doing sensory physical exercises, especially they are useful for men. Besides yoga, they should run, swim, do press-ups, train their bodies and give them regular physical load.  Swimming is considered the most helpful kind of sports; it is closer to guna of Goodness. In the Vedas, they say that swimming, fast walking and (for men) wrestling are the most helpful kinds of sports.

Mars in Passion is when a man returns aggression for aggression. Mars in Sattva is when a man answers to aggression with love, and such a man, as a rule, does not even attract into his life such situations, when somebody shows aggression towards him. He radiates such energy, that he would never attract any violence.

Remember: what we radiate into this world is what we get. If aggression is felt from a man, it means he will often run into aggression towards himself – disharmony by Mars attracts aggressors. People who are literally beaten by the destiny (for example, their loved ones hit them) usually have big disharmony in respect of Mars.

Mars and health

In our body, Mars controls organs of generation, blood, muscles, face, left ear, feeling of taste, bone marrow.

Illnesses resulting from broken or weakened Mars are as following: fever, epilepsy, piles (especially if it is connected with Rahu), tumors, high blood pressure, furunculosis, illnesses of lungs and throat, broken position is the reason for burns, cuts, injuries. Mars is also deformations of the body, injuries due to violence, fire or war. Mars is responsible for sexual potency of men, because these problems with perception of Mars energy can create problems in this area – a man can suffer from the sexual energy shortage, and a woman could suffer because of her weak-willed spouse or love partner.

On physical level, typical signs of Mars’s weakness are as following: weakness of the immune system, bad appetite and problems with intestinal uptake, low weight of body, weakness of liver muscles and small intestine. Typical are also inclination to bleedings and traumas, slow epulosis of wounds and ulcers, anemia is possible.

On the psychological level, the main indications of the weak Mars are lack of energy and motivation, inability to consistent and hard work. Such a man finds it difficult to carry his point and protect his rights. He is timid and inclined to obeying somebody else`s will or, vice versa, too much reckless and hasty, and seeks to have people around him at his feet. In addition, he cannot express his anger and dissatisfaction sufficiently, not able to understand that somebody manipulates him. He is excessively passive and manipulated and can easy fall a victim to hard treatment and physical violence, or he can apply some elements of physical violence without thinking.

Esoteric understanding of psychological meaning of Mars is that this planet symbolizes a need of energy in self-transformation. Any kind of energy strives to self-realization. Any form of life needs objective and direction for movement. A task of Mars is to direct energy to real transformation, to transfiguration, purification of our consciousness. From the philosophical viewpoint it doesn`t make any sense to spend our energy on temporary objectives, but that`s what we exactly do, pursuing surface objectives and striving for satisfaction of our senses, wealth and high position in society. While the true transformation depends on our ability to carry away our consciousness into the Kingdom of Spirit and absolute love, but not on succeeding some interim and limited objective.

Mars in Goodness.

Mars in Sattva (Goodness) makes it possible to accumulate sexual energy and transform it. It gives enthusiasm, big practicality, managerial abilities (plus Saturn), the desire to make something by hands, to repair, to fix. A man with such Mars can implement any idea into life, and if its realization is impossible, he is able to understand it and to tell about it in a calm way. As a rule, such people prefer practical clothes.

Very often people with Mars in Goodness are sensory-like people; they are able to make something by hand very well. These are not only craftsmen, they could be intellectuals, who are able to implement their ideas into life – great sculptors, designers, engineers, constructors and even, curiously enough, astrologists, because the embodied Mars gives good logic skills and clear vision.

Mars in Goodness also enables to answer with love to aggression, provides an absence of fear in front of danger, steady movement to your highest aim. People with such Mars have a positive view on healthy competition, but they understand that there are no winners in arguments and there are enough places under the Sun for all.

Nowadays, parents suggest an idea to their children from the cradle: “You have to be the best anywhere and in anything”. However, people with Mars in Sattva tell: “Let’s win all of us, together”. If they are managers, they could say the following: “If our department gets out on the new level of sales, we all go on holiday”. They do not divide people into winners and losers, because the key thing for them is а team spirit, when everyone helps each other. They have good collective thinking. In sports, physical activity the important things for them are health and chance to widen their possibilities. In such sports, there are no losers.

Mars in Sattva creates noble warriors, liberators, but not conquerors; they never attack and use their strength only for the protection purposes. All the Eastern schools of fights taught this, apropos, without a fail: young warriors took such an oath, and it was regarded as Hippocratic Oath with doctors. That is why such schools of martial arts have existed for thousands of years. All what is not under the influence of Goodness guna doesn`t exist long enough. Radgas is a bright, fast-burned flare, and Sattva is an eternal fire, which can burn for thousands of years.

A person with Mars in Goodness is a defender. There are four levels of Mars development. On the last Sattva level the man has no need to fight: either an infuriated man comes to him and suddenly settles down himself, or a rival`s desire disappears by itself.

In order to win you need to believe in your forces, in your good luck, you need to live with this energy.  Mahabharata and Ramayana say a lot about such people. An example of a man with Mars in Sattva is Ramachandra, who lived on Earth thousands of years ago – one of the incarnations of God. When it was necessary, he was fighting, but, if it was possible, he tried to avoid violence.

Every man like Him has a deep understanding that fists do not solve a problem, although there are cases when you need to use them for protection purposes. Earlier great warriors did not even need weapon: they read certain mantras and could hit many targets with one arrow.

Man with Mars in Sattva is an obliging person, protects weak people, but he has meanwhile no pride about it. If a warrior boasts about his victories and deeds, well, then he is under Passion influence. Mars in Goodness protects due to the sense of duty as Sattva implies merely this quality.

The will in Goodness shows itself as constant resolution. A person in Ignorance does not have the will as a quality; he cannot force himself to do anything useful for his health, for example, to jog in the morning. Man in Passion begins jogging and does it for a few days, and often it happens suddenly and with overload, but the person is not ready to proceed. Goodness gives a large and stable force of will. In the first place it shows up in a man`s resolution to serve God, to serve to God`s devoted people, to develop love to God no matter what happens, even if the whole world is against it.

This energy of Mars, this pressure and resolution are very important for spiritual life. In Mahabharata and Shrimad-Bhagavatam there are stories about people, who reached perfection, these are the warriors (kshatrias) with strong Mars. Their motto is “Do what you have to do, and be what will be”. Their lives were transpierced with the spirit of nobility.

Everybody, who wants to reach progress in his spiritual life, is supposed to develop in himself the qualities of Mars in Goodness. When our resolution is permanent, we search every day what else we can do for our spiritual progress, for the welfare of all living creatures and the most important – for the development of our love to God. The Sattvical Mars makes it possible in the right and successful way.

Strong will, persistence, resolution enables a man be for long years engaged in self-perfecting process and to reach high levels. Should you do your physical exercises or yoga regularly for five-ten years period, it brings influence of Mars energy to a person and transfers it to Goodness. Many supreme commanders, high-rank officers had Mars in Goodness. 

People having strong Mars are of fine complexion, tall and athletic. Strong Mars gives also courage, self-assertion, independence, endurance, inclination to risky and heroic acts, warlike character, sharp mind, ability to meditation, and love to arguments, leadership, good organizational talents and abilities to practical implementation of different ideas.


Influence of Mars in Ignorance describes the following qualities of character and behavioral models: high level of aggression towards everybody, sexual violence, perversion, sadism, sadomasochism, brutality, cruelty, maniacal conduct. Speech is full of anger, roughness and obscene swearing. Laziness. Cowardice. Ingratitude. Preferred food is meat, alcohol consumption is in any quantity.

Mars in Passion: intensive physical activities, strong sexual desire (especially in interaction with Venus), sexual dissoluteness, physical strength, the attachment to various competitions, tournaments, gaming. Vulgar humor, cruelty in character. Preferred food is meat and alcohol, including beer.

Mars in Goodness: fearlessness, great strength of will, enthusiasm, practicality, resolution, an ongoing commitment and devotion to the highest goal, the serious attitude to sexual energy, an ability to save it, to live long time without sex. Strong, clear logical thinking. An ability to implement almost any ideas in practice, even rather revolutionary. Desires and abilities to protect weak people.

How to come to an agreement with the Universe.


How to intensify Mars favorable influence.

I want to say straight off, that Mars differs from other planets in the respect of intensifying. Many other planets can be intensified in a way of performing some certain rituals (for example, above you can find the descriptions of how to intensify the Moon, which gives deliverance from some illnesses, provides mental and emotional calmness, favorable changes in your destiny), but with Mars it’s not so explicitly.

People with broken Mars for real and having problems described above, should intensify their Mars, but it’s very important not to overdo it, because the strong Mars could cause even more problems, if a person is not developed spiritually enough. For example, somebody comes to the martial arts school, he finds himself in a severe brutal male team, and there they immediately teach him strong blows, ways to strengthen his muscles, tell him, that only the strongest wins in a fight. A few years pass and he turns into a strong and cruel man, who got accustomed to solve everything by force, what gives him enormous conscious and subconscious aggression. Nevertheless, any aggression in the Universe is severely punished: deteriorating health, fortune, and rapid shortening of life duration.

Statistics say that one of the qualities, which every long-lived person has, is enormous kindness… In the Eastern cloisters, where people study different kinds of martial arts, it is said, that you could use your force only for the protection purposes, and in the first years students are taught a definite philosophical approach to life, inner calmness in any situations and what is more, love and non-attachment.

Such high spiritual level lets using Mars` energy in full, without any “side effects”, but simple strengthening of Mars (without development of your inner good nature and altruism) might be very dangerous.

To sum up: Mars` energy is being intensified by the following factors: physical exercising, studying different kinds of martial arts, strengthening of organism, developing physical force. In psychological aspect, one should try to be energetic, brave, active and vigorous. It is necessary to have discipline on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. However, this discipline is supposed to be reasonable and flexible, but not cruel.

It is possible to intensify Mars with the help of herbals and spices, mostly the spices of the Sun – cinnamon, saffron, turmeric, red and black pepper would do. However, in this case, it is advisable to combine them with such stimulating remedies as ginseng and locoweed. Should Mars be very strong, it is necessary to “cool” it down with herbs like aloe, gentian, and coneflower.

Recently I have read an article of a famous doctor, who recovered from brain cancer and devoted many years to studying reasons and ways to treat this horrible illness. Therefore, he wrote that turmeric resolves tumors, including malignant ones.

Colors amplifying energy of Mars are red and in general all of the “fire” colors. Many Martian people like khaki color. However, you ought to take into account that even people supposed to wear “Martian colors” (about 20% of people) aren`t recommended to wear them constantly, because it strengthens Mars too much. By the way, by statistics, “reckless” drivers prefer cars of red color.

Assuming, I`d like to add that you should remember: Mars is considered the most unfavorable planet, a big wrecker. These “titles” Mars got because it manages aggression and anger. As it was noticed long ago “five minutes of anger can break ten years of friendship”, likewise fire can turn a big house, being built for a few years, into ash within minutes. Anger and aggression are the main obstacles in spiritual life. “Lust, anger and greed are three basic vices, leading to hell”, – Bhagavad-Gita says. However, simple volitional control of anger does not bring any good either, because in this way aggression is being driven inside, into subconsciousness, and inside we`re always supposed to have calmness, love and acceptance of everybody.

So “letting off steam” is sometimes very useful. To achieve this effect, for example, once a week you can find a place to stay alone and hit a pillow or a stump with all your power imagining them being your offenders.

Those, who are supposed in their line of duty to display sometimes their severity and aggression (managers, caregivers, employees of power structures), should study to use them but not fall under their influence. For instance, you, being a manager, are reprimanding your negligent subordinate on a higher pitch of your voice. Suddenly there`s a phone call. If you answer and go on talking to your calling party in the same voice tonality that means you are in the power of the lowest energies. However, if you talk with calmly, that means you manage the situation, yourself and your feelings.

There are four levels of progress as per Mars:

    A man responses with aggression and ingratitude to Goodness, perceives and transmits only rude kinds of energies and is not able to manage them virtually, being a marionette of those energies. On this level, a man resembles a grown up child, but not matured enough. People can deal with him only by using rude shouting and threatening. On this level, the self-expression comes only via straight action, the force. Satisfaction is being provided through physical work not requiring delicate coordination of motions, and through primary fight or force competition.

    A person returns aggression to aggression. On this level, one already can partially manage his emotions. Here he reacts not only to a strong straight influence, but also to a hidden hostility. For this level, the typical feeling is that only straight power can be reliable means of controlling any situation, secured by force control. In love, basic positive feeling is the power over loved one, or on the contrary a full submission.

    On this level, a man can restrain strong fits of anger and aggression by his will. Finally, it leads to neurosis; feeling of dissatisfaction and an idea is being formed, that you could change yourself and the world only for a short time. On this level, a person could react peacefully to aggression, turn enemies into friends.

    A man repays with love and Goodness to aggression, works on high spiritual energies, and on this level, Mars does not radiate any aggression. If such a person comes across an attempt of hard energy influence, he becomes transparent for it (for example, he answers very quietly and politely), and an aggressor is immediately deprived of his energy – he feels unused feeling of respect, gleam of conscience and wish for apologizing. As a rule, such a man does not even attract into his life any aggressive people and circumstances.

So, everyone ought to strive for cleansing his consciousness, to study keeping one’s good nature inside constantly, and on the outside level to strain every nerve for changing his position (if the situation requires), keeping in mind that laziness is the mother of all vices.

Contemporary Indian astrologers give the following advice for harmonization of Mars:

In the mornings, glorify Hanuman-Chalisa (vedic prayer-mantra).

Be grateful and be nice to those, who serve us. In modern understanding these are not only servants, who work in our house, but also those who work in service industry.

Mantra to Mars has a very strong protective effect:

Om Namo Bhagavate Narasimhadevaya.

Mars Day – Tuesday

Mars manages land property, ambitions, brothers and sisters, men`s sexual potency.

Mars is a protector of a wife and land property.

Mars is a celestial “Commander in Chief”. Mars being personified as a strong male personality in martial vestments, sitting on a ram (animal, which is famous for its martial nature).

In English, the word “martial” itself originates from the name of the planet Mars and its qualities: clear awareness of a goal, duty, order and discipline.

Mars is also famous for such qualities as courage, boldness, patience, self-confidence. One of the Sanskrit words describing Mars is “Lohitang” which provides it with bright red color, that you can see with your naked eye in the night sky.

Strong Mars gives a person large stature, athletic body-build, bellicosity, independence, sharp mind, mental activity, abilities to practical realization of ideas and to heroic actions.

Southwards. The further south is the stronger nation being influenced by Mars. It is good to have a kitchen or a fireplace in a southern part of a house.

Weak Mars is sexual dissoluteness, roughness, inclination to drug addiction, alcoholism, rashness.

Professions: military men, police officers, builders, mechanics, designers, cooks. A good cook has always strong Mars in his chart.

Color – scarlet, red – these are the colors of aggression and activity.

Stones – red coral, ruby, all kinds of red stones.

Metal – iron.

Signs – Aries, Scorpio. Impassioned in Capricorn, falling in Cancer.

Nature is male, dry, and fiery. Physical exercises, especially martial arts and kinds of sports reinforcing volitional sensory, which in turn strengthen Mars greatly.

    The best House for Mars is 10 (Zenith). Mars provides also good results in houses 3, 6, 11.These are the houses of fortune (growth).To have a harmful planet in those houses is considered to have blessings from you past lives.

All kinds of aggression, violence and anger close Mars energy. However, if those people who are supposed to protect do not apply violence against an aggressor, a terrorist etc., beneficial effect of Mars is terminated.

Mars is in charge for the 3rd chakra, Manipura-chakra (energy centre of will)

Mars number is 9.

Everybody who is born on the 9th, 18th, 27th of any month are under Mars influence, and it`s very important for them to live at peace with its energies.

Number 9 is connected with the primary sound, mantra AUM.

All creation is an esoteric confluence of two energies, graphically depicted as a triangle with its peak pointed upwards, and a triangle with its peak pointed downwards.

This vibration is the main in relation to all the sounds and vibrations of the Universe

Manifested. “Nine” plays an enormous role in individual mystical experience. Powerful and regenerative number 9, resulting from thrice-repeated triad, brings destruction into the life

of a man, signifying by itself renewal of eternity of existence.

The hexagonal David’s Star was taken from the Old Indian Yantras (graphic pictures). While being a part of the Israel flag, it empowers this State with a warlike spirit of the Martians, bringing in its history many wars, in most of which Israel is going to win.

Real Cases

If women have Mars in a fall, it is not so bad for them, as women do not always should have strong Mars, especially if they have strong Sun. I gave consultation to one woman, who had in her chart very strong Sun and Venus. She is beautiful, charismatic, conducting seminars and trainings quite successfully. However, she has weak Mars under aspect of Jupiter in a fall that gives an inner cruelty to her character.

She was in charge of some public event, and one of the participating women began dancing with her husband, flirting with him. This woman brought her out and beat. This is a striking example of weak influence of Mars, which provokes irritability, rejection, use of physical force off the point (practically any violence from women makes Mars influence worse, especially when a woman beats somebody), the fear of a strong partner and neglecting the weak people. Although she looked very kind, I was astonished by her tough judgment of people. She idolized a few people, the rest were despised, condemned and ridiculed (but this is an influence of Jupiter in fall added).

I consulted her on how to intensify and harmonize Mars at all levels. People with such Mars usually have weak muscular tones, bodies of such people become swollen early enough, distort. Similar occurred with that woman, although she took care of herself very much. Therefore, I advised her besides all to do exercises: if it is yoga exercises, so it should be power yoga, with additional push-ups. Nevertheless, people with weak Mars are, as a rule, lazy enough to load themselves physically.

Thanks to the fact this woman`s soul evolution level was high enough, she accepted my advice and began progressing in very many aspects.

Once in Moscow I gave consultation to a 12-year-old girl having a very strong Mars. More exactly, I talked to her mother, her daughter was absent while consulting, because she studied in school in London.

I said to her mother: “Your daughter is supposed to become a leader of some international corporation”. Her mother confirmed: “Yes, she used to control all the people around her from her childhood”. She has a very powerful Mars, in exaltation in the House of Personality; this House is very strong and under good aspects. However, Mars, being a harmful planet, is a helping hand in her life.

We called her. She said in an assured tone, that she is a “very modest” person, but meanwhile she is good at management, a school leader and plays sports rather successfully. I advised her to develop feminine qualities, but to go on playing sports and to be engaged in management activities what she had been succeeding in from her childhood.

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