Can Abdul Kalam will be next President of India

Indiais under pressure hard to elect her next thirteenth president (1st citizen) forthe past a small number of days. Generally the verdict party has a strong sayin the selection of the next president and all knows that the electoral voteswill mirror the same. Recent developments are telling another story. UPAdeclared Pranab Mukharjee to be their candidate but their allies Mulayam SinghYadav –Mamata (TMC) are differing with it. They stood Abdul Kalam Azad and SomnathChatarjee to be their candidate. Other sources are pointing Sangma, Ansari,Meina Kumari as other alternatives. This is the background for my attempt topredict the final person who will be crowned as next 13th president (1stCitizen - Rashtrapati) of India.

In astrology it is difficult to reach to a conclusion inthis type of questions. One can say that I am daring to do this. But my opinionis that “surfer cannot get a pearl but a diver can”. Hence after praying to my guruswami poornanand Shastri, I will give my readings as follows:

In KP Horary we take a number between 1&249 to offer anyprediction (for general questions). There is another concept called “RulingPlanet Theory” which says that the planets influencing a particular moment arethe “real” pointers of the fructification of the query one posed in thatparticular moment. Lords of Ascendant Star, Ascendant, Moon star, Moon sign andday are termed as Ruling planets. Therefore I am using this technique to reachto the answer.

Horary says that the Ascendant denotes the person inquestion. Therefore I am randomly taking a horary number for each and everycontestant as follows: (these numbers are computer generated therefore no biasin selection)

    Pranab Mukharjee:133 denote Venus-Rahu-Mercury as co-rulers.
    Abdul Kalam: 18denote Mars-Venus-Kethu as co-rulers.
    Somnath Chatarjee:65 denote Moon-Jupiter-Rahu as co-rulers.
    Sangma: 122 denoteMercury-Mars-Rahu as co-rulers.
    Ansari: 146 denoteMars-Jupiter-Moon as co-rulers.
    Meira Kumari: 25denote Venus-Sun-Saturn as co-rulers.

Ruling planets for the moment of judgment (16-06-2012@ 13:46hrs near 16th degree north latitude) are as follows:

    Ascendant Starlord: Mars
    Ascendant lord:Mercury
    Moon star lord:Venus
    Moon Sign lord:Mars
    Day lord: Saturn

Therefore Ruling planets are Mars-Mercury-Venus-Saturn. Wehave to include Rahu-Kethu also as they are connected to Mars-Venusrespectively.

Rule is that we have to consider those person whoseco-rulers of the Ascendant are strongly “connected” with the Ruling planets.

With a glance at the Ruling planets and the co-rulers of theAscendant we can find Pranab-Kalam-Sangma are the possible alternatives becauseothers have planet co-ruling the Ascendant which is not in Ruling Planets!

Among the selected three I drop Sangma for the reason thathe has strong Retrograde Saturn very close to his Ascendant. We have left withPranab and Kalam, a tough fight indeed. Both have Rahu-Kethu in their co-rulerslist, among them Rahu is stronger than Mars a ruling planet appeared twice inthe list. Further Pranab has Mercury as Ascendant sub lord whereas Kalam hasKethu who represents Venus a planet next to the strength of Mercury in RulingPlanets. (In KP sub lord is always the deciding factor)

Therefore it can be said that Mr.Pranab Mukharjee has astrong chance to become the 13th president of the largest democratic country inthe world..India.

The above analysis is only an educated guess by me andnothing to do with my “personal opinion” and I know that readers willappreciate this. Good Luck to all.

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