How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Aquarius

In most cases, this combination inspires mutual respect and appreciation. Both of you are generally positive in matters of the heart, so optimism is likely the result when you are together. Your partner is somewhat unpredictable when it comes to expressions of love, and you are more likely to appreciate the "quirkiness" than most Venusian signs, simply because you enjoy challenges and the feeling that a relationship is "alive". Furthermore, your lover's unconventionality can be quite attractive to you. While others might complain that Venus in Aquarius can be a little too aloof, you are more apt to see that trait as a challenge—and rise to it! The only difficulty with all of this is that your desires in love are quite variable, and when they're turned on, you want love and you want it right now. If your partner happens to be off on a tangent, seemingly in another world, you can quickly become impatient. However, both of you will give the other enough space to breathe, probably because you need some independence too. With your Venusian signs in a sex-tile with one another, you are likely to appreciate and respect each other, off-moods aside.
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