How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Virgo

Here, we are mixing Fire (you!) and Earth (Virgo - your partner!). It's not an easy combination, for certain, but it has its merits. One of the most noticeable differences between you and your partner is your need for stimulation and excitement contrasted with your partner's desire for safety and security. You can be quite active together, and pour some energy into activities, but your impulsive and competitive nature may leave your partner feeling insecure at times. You'll need to take the time, every once in a while, to reassure your lover, and let him or her know how much you appreciate them. Both of you are simple in your needs, but those needs are markedly different. You are not the most flowery of lovers, and neither is your partner, but your lover might find you downright insensitive at times. He or she is a sensitive soul, although not quite as delicate as one might think. He or she will put up with so much, just to make a relationship work, but your lover does want some appreciation for all of his or her efforts. Both of you value honesty, and you'll generally get it from each other. You will likely be flattered by your partner's willingness to please, in the moments when you stop to notice this trait. Money matters will most certainly bring some conflict, as your partner is more cautious and a natural worrier and you can be the classic impulse buyer. Shared interests are important to your partner, and this may also be a problem, as you and your partner are really quite dissimilar! However, love can make this combination work, especially if both of you take the time to learn from the other.

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