How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Libra

Here we have a case of "opposites attract"! The attraction to each other can be very powerful, mainly because each of you seems to offer what the other lacks. Your direct even aggressive approach in romance seems to promise to simplify your partner's life, as he or she tends toward indecision. It's a stark contrast to your partner's more passive, mental approach to love. Note that your Venusian rulers are Venus and Mars! This promises much excitement. Your partnership may be better if it's an affair rather than a long-standing relationship, as the differences between you that spark the initial attraction can grow to be difficult over time. However, with love and understanding, this relationship can work! Your partner is a somewhat dependent creature, while you are much more of a go-getter in matters of the heart. Your lover's indecision can be a bone of contention in your relationship, simply because you don't have vast stores of patience to wait. If you see someone (or something) you like, you'll go for it! No need to weigh the pros and cons, as Aries is an intuitive Fire sign, and you figure that if it turns out wrong, the mess can be cleaned up after the fact. Your partner, on the other hand, notoriously takes his or her time when it comes to making decisions in love. And, your lover values reason. There is no one quite as reasonable as he or she is when it comes to matters of the heart! This works well with your more intuitive, active persona in the sense that you definitely need a partner who will compromise, but your partner may grow to resent the inequality in your relationship. Additionally, you don't always listen to reason you are more impulsive. The best bet for long-term compatibility with this pairing would be to open your hearts to each other and learn. Somewhere between your polar opposites is a balance. If you can't find that point, your relationship may very well turn into a game of tug-of-war.

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