How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Pisces

The attraction can be intense at first, but your inherent differences in matters of the heart might get the better of your relationship in the long run. With understanding and patience, however, this partnership can be very rewarding. You are more than likely the one to take the lead in this relationship. Your partner can be somewhat shy and unsure with someone new, but very charming indeed. He or she has a dreamy quality that can be very enticing. But this very quality that hooks your interest in your partner in the first place, might get you impatient once the novelty fades away! Your partner's elusiveness and downright evasiveness stands in stark contrast to your style of expressing love—so much so that it could seem completely alien to you. You are direct and forthright with your partners, and usually appreciate the same in others. Your partner doesn't always seem very clear, and this confuses you. If the love is there, all that is needed is the understanding that you and your partner express love in distinctly different ways. As well, you should know that your lover enjoys understatement in romance. Your bluntness may be appreciated by less sensitive souls, but this one can find it difficult to understand. Your partner, in turn, should learn to appreciate knowing exactly where he or she stands with you! You have much to offer each other once you get past the matter of differing love "styles".
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