SWASTIKA is really an evil sign or sign of luck

The Sanskrit word svasti means “blessings” or “fortune” or “auspiciousness.” It represents the utmost in good wishes upon another. The svastika is a sacred diagram that is supposed to embody and attract this positive energy. One of the 108 symbols associated with Lord Visnu, it is a depiction of the sun and its life-giving rays. Modern Hindus put svastika s everywhere -- on buildings, gifts, vehicles, stationery -- but versions are also found among other cultures, including the ancient Celts, the Navajos and Hopis of Native America, modern Mongolians, and even the ancient Jews!

The svastika’s innocent reputation began to be tarnished at the turn of the last century when German elitists co-opted it as a sort of family heraldry symbol for the Aryan super-race, and when Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich adopted it as the Nazi party emblem, the process was complete: the benign svastika of good fortune had become the nefarious swastika of racial atrocity.

If not for this brief historical blip, however, it would have remained the Vedic equivalent of a smiley face. That’s why the Chief Rabbinate of Israel issued a declaration in 2008 affirming the sacred nature of the svastika , despite its uses in World War II Germany. After all, it’s not the svastika’s fault if it was kidnapped, is it?

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