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Success Story of Zieshan-Gangs Of Wasseypur Part-II and Acharya V Shastri's Astrology

It is said that nothing succeeds like success. But to be successful one does need a first break. And when it comes to getting break in Bollywood, only the divine power of influential stars can bring in success. To enter Bollywood is not any easy task and after entering to be a successful artist is all the more difficult in this world of cut throat competition. While many struggling artist turn to astrology to correct their future and chase astrologers to suggest some “REMEDIES” here is a case where astrology chased to a non-believer and pushed him towards success-that too in Bollywood! Now that “GANGS OF WASSEYPUR” has been a hit movie, its debutant writer and actor “SYED ZEISHAN QUADRI” has also tasted success and is now a known name. Zeishan has written script of the movie (Part-I & II) and act as actor in “GANGS OF WASSEYPUR Part-II”. 

Zeishan has strong connection with Dwarka! The person who literally him to Bollywood and predicted his success was none other than “ACHARYA V SHA…