Success Story of Zieshan-Gangs Of Wasseypur Part-II and Acharya V Shastri's Astrology

It is said that nothing succeeds like success. But to be successful one does need a first break. And when it comes to getting break in Bollywood, only the divine power of influential stars can bring in success. To enter Bollywood is not any easy task and after entering to be a successful artist is all the more difficult in this world of cut throat competition. While many struggling artist turn to astrology to correct their future and chase astrologers to suggest some “REMEDIES” here is a case where astrology chased to a non-believer and pushed him towards success-that too in Bollywood! Now that “GANGS OF WASSEYPUR” has been a hit movie, its debutant writer and actor “SYED ZEISHAN QUADRI” has also tasted success and is now a known name. Zeishan has written script of the movie (Part-I & II) and act as actor in “GANGS OF WASSEYPUR Part-II”. 

Zeishan has strong connection with Dwarka! The person who literally him to Bollywood and predicted his success was none other than “ACHARYA V SHASTRI” of APNA DWARKA! Zeishan born and brought up in Wasseypur,-Dhanbad. Zeishan Quadri completed his BBA from MEERUT before moving to Delhi to work in call centre. He worked there for a year-a-half and then moved bag-baggage to Mumbai. He went for auditions! About 40-50 of them- and started writing a concept not for a film based on real-life incidents of DHANBAD. It was only after a long chase that he was able to meet ANURAG KASHYAP, and sold the concept to him. GANGS OF WASSEYPUR marks ZEISHAN QUADRI’s debut as a writer and as an actor. He brought the real story of GANGS OF WASSEYPUR and says he equipped with proofs to prove his point. He spent his formative years in WASSEYPUR. 

ZEISHAN QUADRI was in DWARKA recently on a personal visit to residence of MG-EDITOR of DWARA CITY. Here he narrated his journey of success in Bollywood. In words of ZEISHAN him self, “In 2008-I had meet to ACHARYA VIBHORANAND SHASTRI in NOIDA. I had gone there with some friends. One of them believed in Astrology and took me long to ACHARYA V SHASTRI. He told me to go to MUMBAI where I had to my DESTINY. He didn’t charge me anything. He chased me for about three months on phone, asking me to go MUMBAI. In 2009, I reached MUMBAI. In the beginning, I didn’t get work. Sometimes, I would call him out of frustration over that but he would tell me that he had given me six months time and something good would happen within that period. His predictions were right. I didn’t get believe in ASTROLOGY before, but he told me to take as my elder brother and not as an ASTROLOGER. His calculations of my DESTINY are hundred percent right. He always gives examples and satisfies to all his client’s queries in a brilliant manner. 

Since 2008, I am in touch with him and I will continue seeking his advice, counsel and blessings in future. He will tell to his clients more DO’s and DONT’s instead of telling about Past and Future. Whenever I come to DELHI, I make a point to meet him. Even this time, I’ve already meet him. ACHARYA VIBHORANAND SHASTRI is a third generation scholarly astrologer with a mission to make contemporary life happy and worth living. Acharya V Shastri carries a rich legacy of 100 years in his credentials and envisions taking it forward to more generations to come.

Young, suave and dynamic, Acharya V Shastri is a three times gold medalist with an exceptionally good understanding of astrology, astronomy, numerology, gemology, Lal Kitab and Tantras. He believes that astrology is a complete discipline in itself so it should be implemented scientifically to the life and lifestyle. Acharya V Shastri also has a keen interest in physiognomy and graphology.

In his association of more than two decades with the subject, Acharya V Shastri has been featured in various newspapers and magazines and attended many conferences and seminars of national and international repute. From corporate houses to individuals, students to working professionals, India to overseas, he has got a wide client base across various social strata.

Acharya V Shastri believes that astrology can’t change the destiny but definitely it can improve situations, avoid problems, guide in times of a dilemma, answer unsolved questions and above all it can make life hassle free and fulfilling.

Today, Acharya V Shastri has crossed the boundaries of traditional astrology and evolved as the harbinger of change. He is the bridge that brings the timeless knowledge of ancient saints and sages and contemporary lifestyle together. He is full of life and he is for life with his wisdom and instinct. He has organized International Astrological Research in every year since 2007 to share knowledge and research on International levels. He hopes to see the world smiling together and is committed to put his heart and soul to make is happen.

Some Published Forecasts by Acharya V Shastri are the Kargil War, failure of Agra Summit, Cop up in Pakistan, Terror Attacks in Mumbai and Split of Reliance Industries,

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