Art of True Relaxation

Be Still and know that I am God”, or “Be Still and know the I within” are guiding principles for achieving a state of true relaxation. True relaxation helps you to enjoy life fully.

Practicing the art of True Relaxation gives Health, Happiness and Prosperity.

Our scriptures were created by great seers who had knowledge of things beyond the physical. They gave some guiding verses which are not understood by scholars but only by those who are in tune with the seers or the realms beyond the mundane existence.

The verse from Bible, “Be still and know that I am God” has been wrongly interpreted in different ways, whereas it really means that as you cease motion of the physical body and turn off the mind-radio your consciousness rises and starts being aware of realms beyond the physical. With practice you can become aware of your true self or over-self, which is a godlike being controlling your body.

Since the Over-self is not the ultimate God, so it is best to rephrase the verse as, “Be still and know the Iwithin”and ‘the I within’ is your soul or the over self.

Stillness opens the door to Higher Realms …

All the time we are in motion even when sitting we keep moving our body parts and moreover our mind is never still or free of thoughts. All this motion keeps us tied to the physical consciousness. We are aware of our physical body, its feelings and emotions andthe endless stream of thoughts.

As we go into stillness of body and mind we transport our consciousness to the trance state of mind and become more and more receptive to the signals from our over self. But complete stillness cannot come unless we learn to relax. You may say what is there to learn in it, you relax as you sit in your easy chair! But no, generally you do not truly feel relaxed in body and mind rather just slump down like a potato. So let us learn how to relax:

The Art and Science of true Relaxation …

Have you ever realized how important is relaxation for your body, mind and soul? And you don’t know what is meant by true relaxation until you achieve this. It’s not difficult and will take a little effort only for the first time. Your consequent sessions will be a sort of automatically triggered response of your body taking your little or no effort at all.

True relaxation is so important that if you do it every day even for fifteen minutes your health will improve, you will feel balanced in mind and live a zestful life. The calm attitude which comes through this art of true relaxation increases the life span of a person.

So let us now describe this technique which can transform you completely:

Lie down comfortably in supine position, keeping your arms straight down along the sides of your body with hands open. Breathe normally and lightly close your eyes. Imagine your whole body as a big factory with thousands of tiny workers. Visualize these tiny workers doing their various jobs such as repairing, controlling, and monitoring inside your body at all places. These are the people who operate your muscles, nerve-centers and do all necessary jobs. See intently how sincerely and diligently these little people are doing their jobs.

Now announce mentally to these workers to immediately shut down their work and vacate the factory. You may imagine yourself standing at a high place and announcing your orders. Alternately you can imagine that you are talking to them through the factory’s communication system. Well it doesn’t matter how you imagine but make it as realistic as you can.

Start from your left foot, ask these workers working there to move up to your left hip-joint.
Announce to workers inside the left ankle, calf, knee and then the left thy one by one. Visualize these obliging workers hurrying up to fulfill your demand. Feel your left foot, ankle, calf, knee and thy becoming completely numb with relaxation in absence of these workers. If you still feel any tension in any of these parts then go there mentally to discover that one or two very hardworking workers may be still there doing something. Now ask them firmly to immediately stop work and move up. You may use some strong words if need be and make sure that these workers obey you.

You will feel complete and true relaxation in your left leg from left foot to left hip.

Now, taking your time, repeat the exactly same procedure for your right leg. Do not hurry because if you do it correctly the first time then it will be very easy to achieve this relaxed state during your following sessions.

Now announce to the workers gathered at the left and right hip joint to move up to your umbilicus (belly button) and leave your body through an imaginary tunnel into space.

If you have done this in the right way your legs will be fully relaxed giving you a feeling as if these are not there.

Follow the same procedure one by one with your arms, shoulders, head, neck, chest and stomachs, directing these tiny imaginary workers to move to your belly button and from there vanish into space leaving behind your whole body truly relaxed.

Now for some time just enjoy this state of utter relaxation. You will wonder why you did not do it earlier. Let your breath flow on its own and just observe whether it is going in or coming out. Your breath will gradually become more and more shallow. As your breath flows in imagine that Panic energy is flowing into your whole body along with oxygen. As your breath flows out imagine that all negativity is going out of your being and you are becoming more and more positive and self-assured.

It can happen that your breath completely stops. This is quite normal because in state of true relaxation your oxygen requirement falls down. Just enjoy this blessed state. You may remain in this state as long as you desire. This is a really blessed state and your mind is tranquil and the barrier between your conscious and subconscious mind lowers so you can direct your subconscious to achieve any desired results.

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