Will Barfi Be a Box Office Hit As Per Astrological Predictions of Acharya V Shastri

Barfi, the Bollywood rom-com with an expected September 14 release date, has already earned significant popularity due to its star-cast and an interesting theme. Anurag Basu, known for his powerful themes, this time focuses on the true love of a deaf and mute person.

Barfi features Ranbir Kapoor as the protagonist. Priyanka Chopra essays the role of an autistic woman. Ileana D’ Cruz also adds to the star cast. In spite of the presence of disabled characters, the film is not about disability, instead Barfi revolves around innocent love; there is fun, emotion and much more.

Will Barfi bring another sweet memory for Anurag Basu at the box office? Our expert Vedic astrologers have analyzed the result based on the planetary positions on the release date of Barfi, which is September 14th.

On Barfi’s release date, the Moon will be transiting in Leo, in the star Magha. Magha’s Lord Ketu (signifies aggression) will be associated with the finance planet - Jupiter in the sign Taurus, which indicates that the movie will get good box office collections.

Moreover, Lord Venus that signifies entertainment will also be present in the movable sign Cancer. This also adds to the success for the film; however, the chances for being a super duper hit is to strong. The movie will also have many impressive dialogues; this is analyzed from the transit of the planet Mercury (indicates intelligence, education, communication etc.) in Virgo.

Therefore, according to our Acharya V Shastri (A world famous Celebrity Astrologer) the Movie Barfi will certainly achieve success , might become a super hit.

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