Educational Aptitude of Your Child By Acharya V Shastri

Educational Aptitude of Your Child Astrological indications in your child’s horoscope can help in proper selection of a field of study. Educational inclinations as revealed by a birth chart can help in taking right decisions

For analyzing the inclination of your child towards a particular subject or stream we need to analyze the influence of planets, signs and constellations on the houses of education and their lord planets. I addition to these we also need to evaluate the strength and placement of Mercury and Jupiter.

How important are the Constellations? …

Generally astrologers ignore the role of constellations (Nakshatras). As per a common belief planets give results as per 6their significations during their planetary periods. But in addition to this it is more important to see in whose constellation that planet falls. Suppose a native is running a period of Mars and Mars in that native’s birth chart falls in the Constellation of Mercury, then it is more likely to give results pertaining to Mercury.

In all astrological analysis the astrologer needs to consider all factors and then weigh different factors and strategically arrive at a conclusion. So greater accuracy can be expected if consideration is given to as many factors as possible and Nakshatras are prominent among these factors.

Strength of planets …

Always make an estimation of the strength of the concerned planets before predicting results.

Planets posited near the cusp of a house give distinct and better results related to that particular house whereas those posited near the boundaries of a house fail to give distinct results pertaining to that house. Planets falling in signs of exaltation, own sign, friendly sign and receiving benefice aspects, gain strength.

Planets placed in sign of debilitation, inimical sign and receiving malefic aspects become weak.

Also, consider the Shad bal strength of the planets.

Role of planetary periods (Dasha) and transit …

All indications in a birth chart fructify during appropriate dasha / Antardasha and related transit.

It is generally believed that periods of Rahu cause interference in education and may result in interruptions or poor performance.

The above statement in general is not true because students have been observed to perform well in their studies even during periods of Rahu. Periods of Rahu have been observed to give better results in technical education.

Accounts and commerce …

Mercury and Jupiter are the main planets, which signify these fields. The earthy signs viz. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are conducive to interest and success in accounts and commerce.

Fine arts and Music …

For interest in arts and music fields Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter play an important role.
In addition to these Mercury indicates vocal music, composition of poems and songs; Saturn gives required concentration and stability during long hours of practice.
The 5th house is connected with these fields as also with television and films.

Medical Education …

Two planets connected with this line are Sun and Jupiter.

The other planets get associated depending upon various branches of the medical line.
For example Sun with Jupiter indicates study of medicine to qualify as a physician whereas Sun and Mars show interest in surgery.

Law Education …

Jupiter signifies law it also indicates knowledge. Mercury stands for speech, expression and intelligence.

Therefore, associations of these two planets with 4th and 9th houses indicate law related study.

Technical Education …

If the houses of education, their lords and the significators viz. Mercury and Jupiter are influenced by Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, and airy signs viz. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius then technical education is indicated.

Associations of Saturn and Mars have been observed in charts of many engineering students and successful engineers.

The sign Gemini and constellations of Mercury viz. Ashlesha, Jyeshtha and Revati in particular play an important role.

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