Mercury Enters Libra: Justice for All

When Mercury enters the sign of justice (September 16 through October 5) our minds shift towards all that feels unfair and out of balance in our lives. Whether we apply this focus to the world-at-large or upon the inequalities in our relationships, the lens of our perceptual field will now hone in on the “other” and where things are out of proportion.

Reciprocity is key when dealing with Libra -- the give-and-take in all commerce, conversation and exchange. This phase can also generate loads of indecision and confusion as we try to achieve that ever-elusive balancing of the scales in our minds. Keeping our heart lighter than a feather during this time is a good reminder of the deep wisdom teachings from the Scales. Too much thinking and the heart can grow heavy, frozen or stony.

We have the opportunity to weigh both sides of an issue with sweetness and light -- or maddening indecision and flip-flopping. The choice is (literally) ours. On the plus side, Mercury in Libra helps us to access that fine sword of discrimination before jumping into commitments or decisions too hastily. The downside is over-thinking our options and getting lost in the back-and-forth swing of the Scales, forever trying to make up our minds. We have to realize there will always be drawbacks and doubt, but sitting on the fence of indecision for too long tends to feel like self-inflicted barbed-wire treatment. Eventually we must commit or quit -- even if the situation is not perfect.

A powerful meeting occurs on October 4, the last day of this transit, when Mercury joins with Saturn in Libra. Expect some very potent realizations and decisions to come to a head over issues you’ve possibly struggled with for the past two-and-a-half years while Saturn has been in Libra. The very next day, both Mercury and Saturn will move into Scorpio, deepening our emotional connection to all of the relationship lessons we’ve survived since October .


The History of Nose Piercings Article By Acharya V Shastri

In modern times, nostril piercings and other nose piercings have come to represent individual style and identity. However, the history of nose rings features religious and cultural significance to the piercing. Nose piercings have been a major part of history since Biblical times. Nose rings date back more than four centuries, with a rich history and culture behind them.

Indian Nose Piercing
Ayurvedic text Sushruta Samhita (Chikitsa Sthana Chapter 19 ) its explained that by piercing the nose girl can have less pain during menstruation and also this helps for the fertility of ovaries due to reflexes. In Jyothishya shastra also it’s said, those who are not conceiving, should pierce the nose as a solution (UPAYA). Nose piercing also helps to reduce mood swinging caused due to hormonal imbalance.

 Biblical Mentioning
The Bible mentions a nose piercing given to Rebekah in Genesis 24:22. This piercing marked the marriage of Rebekah to Abraham's son Isaac. Abraham requested that his older servant go out and find a wife for Isaac. The servant, upon finding Rebekah, brought her to Abraham, who then gave Rebekah several gifts, including a nose ring. The Hebrew word found within is "shanf" and is translated by some scholars as "golden earring." This word also means "nose-ring," according to piercing website, Painful Pleasures.

Tribal Nose Piercing
Nose piercing was also practiced by Middle Eastern tribes such as the Bedouins. In addition, African tribes such as the Berber and Beja followed the practice of nose piercing. The males of these tribes gave their new brides a nose piercing upon marriage. The larger the nose ring, the wealthier the family. If the couple divorced, the wife would keep the nose ring as security.

The 60s and 70s
During the 1960s and 1970s, nose piercing moved from religious significance to that of a rebellion against mainstream society. Hippies visiting India brought back the custom of nose piercing to the United States and Western Europe, where the practice spread. During the 1970s, nose piercings came to be equated with the punk culture.

Modern Nose Piercing
Modern times have seen a dip in nose ring significance. Many people choose to pierce their nostrils simply for fashion purposes. The side of the nose pierced has less significance as well; with people choosing to pierce whichever side they feel will look better on them. In addition, nose piercings have expanded from nostril piercings to the septum and, in some cases, bridge piercings.

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