Distance Learning Master of Tourism Management Course

Distance Learning Master of Tourism Management Course

Professionals already associated with the tourism industry and students from any field of study can opt to pursue the master's course in tourism management through the distance learning method. Correspondence education is not only flexible but also cost effective and allows the person associated with the system to pursue another full time course or career. Let's take a look at the best distance learning institutes providing a master's degree in tourism management. 

Master of Philosophy M Phil through Distance Learning

Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) through Distance Learning

Universities Offering Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) through Distance Learning

Almost all cities in India have open universities or institutions that offer M.Phil through distance learning. The pioneer is Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). This university has study centers in almost every state in India. Each of these universities conduct their own admission or entrance examination. 

Distance learning Phd

Distance learning Phd course are becoming very popular in India. The fact that it is possible to pursue further specialization effectively without having to attend regular classes has changed the way people plan their professional career and further education.

Online doctoral studies from distance learning institutions have made it possible for academicians, top managers, businessmen, management leaders and other aspirants to continue with research and specialization at their own pace. These programs are administered by universities through latest technological methods therefore creating a regular class like situation where the students need not be physically present and yet can clarify doubts, discuss and debate on issues.
Standard Eligibility Criteria for Distance Learning Phd Courses
Basic university defined eligibility criteria for admission to distance learning Phd courses is an average of 55 percent marks at the Masters or M Phil level from a recognized university. Some universities in the country expect the candidate to clear the all India National Eligibility Test for Lectureship (NET) though distance learning universities do not lay too much stress on that.
Distance Learning in India
There are many distance education universities across the country. IGNOU and School of Open Learning, DU in Delhi are the most important. In fact the Distance Learning Council in IGNOU is the apex body that gives accreditations to all the distance learning universities and institutes in India. Though the accepted norm for admission to courses in open universities is that anyone regardless of prior qualifications can make applications to courses, but certain streams and courses at the masters, research and doctoral level can only be pursued if the candidate has completed the necessary degree courses.

Popular fields for doctoral studies through distance education in India include Psychology, Education, Engineering, Business, Management, Social Sciences, Economics, Social Work, Rural Development, Child Development, Public Administration, Sociology, Political Science, Gender and Development Studies, Computer Information Science, Life Sciences, Law, Chemistry, Physics, Dairy Science, Agriculture Extension at all.


Ban Mata

Ban Mata Ji, guardian goddess of Mewar, inter alia, the Mewari thikanas of Bansi, Amet, Kurabar, Kanor, Begum, and Salumbar.
The kuldevi for the Sisodiyas used to be Amba Mata. Then, when the Sisodiyas were at Chitor, the kuldevi became Kalika Mata. There is still a temple for her there now. Later, when the king conquered Gujarat, he demanded a Gujarati princess in marriage. That princess had always wanted to marry the Sisodiya king. She had even sent him a letter telling him that. Her kuldevi , Ban Mata, had determined to help her accomplish this aim. After the conquest, the marriage occurred. When the princess left for her new home, Ban Mata came with her in the form of a pendant. That is how Ban Mata left Girnar (though there is still a temple for her there) and came here.

A second account is not so much a variation as another etymology, one that states a homology between the Sanskritic goddess Durga and the kuldevi .

The Sisodiyas used to worship Durga, Mata Ji. Banasur was a demon who fought with Mata Ji. She conquered him. From then on she was called Ban Mata.

The name Ban was pronounced and written in many different ways: Ban, Baen, Bayan, Byan, and Vyana. Written sources tend to prefer Bayan, but informants usually spelled out Ban when I asked them to spell their kuldevi 's name.

The antecedents of Ban Mata are vague. Amba and Kalika are Sanskritic epithets and so do not characterize these goddesses as discrete local incarnations. As we shall see, these stories refer to a kuldevi preceding the appearance of Ban Mata but give her no specific local name or identity. There is a Kalika Mandir at Chitor.

Tod identifies the king as Bappa Rawal and the bride as the daughter of Esupgole, prince of the island of Bunderdhiva (Annals and Antiquities 1:197). Another narrated variant identified Ban Mata as the daughter of a Caran in the village of Khod; Hamir, the great Sisodiya leader, heard of her powers, worshiped her, and asked her blessing in his attempt to reclaim Chitor from the Moghals. She aided him and he installed her as Sisodiya deity. This variant places the adoption of Ban Mata just after the Sisodiya line of Guhils came to the throne rather than after the Guhils first won Chitor, as Tod's variant has it.

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