Factors affectingfor human Life

1. Fate (Destiny) – Destiny can be said as the immediate environment that you get after you are born. Your parents, family, nation, status, etc. is what you get. You can get birth in a poor family in a city or can be born as the child of a multi-millionaire or can get birth with a physical handicapped position, etc. The family that you get, the status you are born in, the relatives, the circle of people, the place, the culture, even your name that identifies you, allcome under destiny. Noone has the right to control it. You just get it. For the rest of your life, you get associated with the same. Similarly, the position of stars, constellations, planets, etc at the time of your birth are casted in the map of sky i.e. horoscope or birth chart. This also shows how much luck is stored for you and how can be your destiny.

2. Environment – Environment refers to the external factors that affect you like the country you are born in, the environment you live in, the way your upbringing is done, the place where you live, etc. The environment you live in develops your thinking pattern. You become used to it and may be comfortable in same. Like, a person who takes birth in a rich family gets used to many luxuries oflife and they become a basic necessity for him/her which may be a dream for a child born in poor family. The thinking pattern that he holds. Like the former person will focus on how to enjoy life more and how to earn more and accumulate more while the latter will focus on earning the daily bread. Similarly, persons living in a city, town or village will have different patterns. Similarly, the place where one lives, the place where one works all affect the person. There are 5 senses i.e. taste, touch, vision, hearing, smell. The place you live in on Earth affects you. Earth revolves around the Sun and rotates on its axis. This revolution and rotation creates certain geo and magnetic currents. These currents flow in certain directions. Person living in  a place that is in accordance with this current will be more comfortable than the person who is aligned in an opposite direction. This is why Vastu, Feng Shui, Geomancy, etc. come into picture. These arts cum Sciences define how one can align oneself with the forces of nature. Learning to live and work with these natural flow can make life more easier and enjoying.

3.  Karma (Deeds) – Karma is related to the work, lifestyles, thinking patterns that a person adopts to live life. It can be refereed to as day to day work in a microscopic level to work related to uplift humanity,nation, its people in a macroscopic perspective. The thought patterns, the education, the family values, etc that the native has inherited or been conditioned to during his initial phase of life and the way he learn to use it for his and other’s development plays a very important part in karma. Karma can be broadly divided in 3 major heads: First one, people who thinks bad for others and is interested only in one’s own growth. Such people develop hatred for others. The second ones are not interested in others and there focus is only for themselves and their family. These people live life for themselves and have no concerns with other people’s pain or pleasure. The third ones are concerned not only about themselves but for their colony, city, country, humanity. They try to uplift other’s life. In general, we see combinations of above 3 traits that form a person’s working. There are many spiritual, religious, social, political texts that defines or give way for people to live in a society. Spiritual texts put it in a way while religious or social put it differently. But if anyone is followed properly then personal,professional and social development can be brought alongwith a satisfaction of doing same.

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