Find The Time of The First Born of The Native

When did the native has her first child? Is the first child baby boy or baby girl?

Birth Details:
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 03 September 1971
  • Time of Birth: 11:55 AM
  • Place of Birth: Ujjain, M.P., India
  • Longitude: 75:46 E
  • Latitude: 23:11 N

Birth Chart

A female child was born on 20 July 1992 to the native.
This native had her first child on 1992-Aug-15 Rahu/Ven/Ven, because the VAP is on the putra saham leo house, no bad aspect on 5th house, so no delay in getting progeny.saptamamsa also confirms this.
The first child is baby boy, because the 5th house is male house and aspected by karaka jupiter with fifth aspect and devoid of malefic planets conjunction and their aspect.
About BCP: BCP means Bhrugu Chakra Paddhati. That is, from natal ascendant, 1st house and planets occupying and aspecting it signify 1st year good or bad events; 2nd house foretells 2nd year; 3rd house prophesizes 3rd year; and so forth until 12th house foreshadows 12th year happenings. This cycle restarts from age 13 that corresponds to 1st house until age 24 that lies in 12th house.
Now let us understand why the birth happen on 20 July 1992 (Rahu-Venus-Venus vimshottari dasa) and why it is the female birth first. From the traditional astrology perspective, most of the people selected Jupiter as Jupiter 5th house and aspect ascendant. But the birth chart doesn’t show any delay in child birth. In fact, Jupiter aspecting its own house shows that the native will be blessed with the child asap. Jupiter dasa started quite late from 1998 so the time of childbirth should be earlier. Jupiter antardasa in Rahu mahadasa went away when the native was quite young, so that was also not the possibility. We need to pick which other planet can give the results.
While selecting dasa for planet, people missed two important point of astrology -
1. All astrology classics are very clear that we need to see seventh house as well apart from 5th house.
2. All astrology classics are very clear that 5th house from the Moon is as important as 5th house from ascendant.
If we keep this dictum in mind, this quiz becomes simpler. 7th house is the house owned by Venus. Similarly, 5th house from Moon is also owned by Venus. Such Venus with 11th lord Mercury becomes one very important planet for child birth.
Another area where majority of participants failed is to identify the gender of the child. Most of the participants picked male child seeing influence of Jupiter. So why the child is female child? The answer lies in the strength of Jupiter. Jupiter is situated in a malefic sign which is also a female sign viz Scorpio. We must remember that all even signs are female signs in zodiac. Jupiter is also aspected by malefic Saturn which itself is debilitated in Navamsa. Such Saturn is extremely malefic and hence not allowing Jupiter it deliver its full potential. Venus, the antardasa and pratyantardasa lord, is also debilitated in navamsa and hence Venus can also not deliver its full potential. Venus in Virgo (Kanya) shows Kanya (female) child birth. These are the primarily reasons for female child birth from classical astrology perspective.


Individual is a journalist by profession

The native is a journalist by profession; what is his specialization

Answer options:

(A) TV journalist
(B) Politician's media advisor
(C) Work related to news agency
(D) Work related to advertising agency
Birth Details:

Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 23 May 1969
Time of Birth: 18:53
Place of Birth: Danapur, Bihar, India
Longitude: 85:03 E
Latitude: 25:38 N
Birth Chart

In this chart, 10th house is Leo. That house is unoccupied. The lord of 10th house Sun is placed in Pisces. Lord Pisces Jupiter is placed in Virgo in the Sign chart in Rahu-Ketu axis and is aspected by Venus. Therefore, Jupiter is basically influenced by Mercury, Rahu, Ketu and Venus. As Venus (exalted) and Rahu are disposited by Jupiter, they have even higher influence on Jupiter. Of course Venus and Rahu indicate that the profession is related to media. As Venus is exalted, the artistic expression of the native comes into the fore. Jupiter is disposited by Mercury and Venus is in the nakshatra of Mercury. Hence, the profession is likely to be in the area of communication using artistic expression. Of all the options given, only the last option has the highest scope for artistic expression. Hence, my choice would be "(D) Work related to advertising agency".

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