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Transit effects of Rahu and Ketu from July 2014 to Jan 2016

Transit effects of Rahu and Ketu from 13-7-2014 (As per Moon Sign)
Rahu and Ketu are the invisible 'shadowy' planets that are highly talked about in Astro circles.In Indian Astrology,these two planets are considered as very powerful entities capable of altering one's destiny on their own.Though they dont own any sign for themselves in the Zodiac,they usurp the place where they stay and act as if they are the Lords of the signs they occupy.
Unlike their other counterparts that travel endlessly forward in the firmament of starry sky,these two shadowy planets travel backwards.They stay in a house for one and half years approximately.
Astronomically,these two planets are not physical objects in the space but two mathematical points.They are the North and South nodes of Moon.
From 13-7-2014 onwards,Rahu and Ketu,will change the Zodiac signs that are sheltering them from the past one and half years.Henceforth,they will land in Kanya and Mina respectively to remain there for the…

What is Ahimsa

Ahimsa is widely understood as ‘not harming or hurting others.’ But is this its complete meaning?

Bhagwan Mahavira expounded ahimsa as the ultimate dharma. One may question why a negative word ahimsa meaning non-violence was used. Should religion not denote something positive? 
Ahimsa - the State of Love In truth, though non-violence sounds negative, it is an extremely positive state. It is the state of absolute and complete love - and what can be more positive than love itself? It is only because we are familiar with the state of violence, that this term has been used. It is to ease our transition from the known state of violence to the unknown state of love that the term non-violence has been used. In order to obliterate darkness; the presence of light is necessary. So also, the darkness of violence is dispelled only in the positive light of love.  
Having understood that ahimsa means love, one may further ask why love has not been called the ultimate dharma; why the word ahimsa ha…