Saturn Retrogate on 14 March 2015

 Saturn Retrogate on 14 March 2015

Saturn loves isolation and introspection and when it turns retrograde such traits are magnified. Saturn the slowest moving planet turns retrograde on March 14 2015 and will be getting direct on August 2 2015. 

This 141 days of retrograde motion will provide us with an opportunity to go into deep introspection and scrutiny of our previous deeds and decisions. This is a time to pause and rethink for our future and formulate plans as how to proceed. 

This can be an ideal time to rejuvenate ourselves, make resolutions which will be effective and rewarding. Saturn own Capricorn and Aquarius which are 10th and 11th houses of Zodiac and as such relates to Ability, Karma, relationships, friends and investments. 

It is advisable to go a bit slow and thoughtful related to these areas of life. Saturn will be transiting through the 3rd paad of Anuradha Nakshatra which send us a message to correct all wrongs which had been done in past. The saying “अनुराधा क्यों नहीं साधा” goes very well here. This could be a best time to shed our unhealthy and damaging negativism like anger, jealousy and hatred.

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