Healing Spell for a Loved One By Acharya V Shastri

Healing Spell for a Loved One

  • rosemary, thyme, lavender, sage, pine
  • • pale blue and red candle, along with white alter
  •   candle
  • • anointing oil (optional)
  • • mortar and pestle
  • • paper and pen
  • • clear quartz crystal

1.To begin, first take all of your herbs and mix/crush them together with a mortar and pestle very well.

2.When you are done, make sure these herbs and the bowl they were mixed in are sat on your alter in between your three candles.The White alter candle at the top and the Pale Blue and Red candles on each side.

3.Anoint your candles with oil, rubbing from end to middle, to draw in your desires of healing.Then Light your alter candle first and the other two candle from that one.

4.Now write the Full Name of the person you wish to heal on a piece of paper and place at the bottom of the three candles.

5.Take your clear quartz and put it on top of their name.

6.Focus all of your healing energy and intention into the quartz and herbs.As the energy goes through the quartz, it draws the negative energy from that person out and puts the healing energy into them. With the herbs, you are providing healing energy from yourself and the quartz crystal that you will give to them later on.

7.For now, you may write your own words to this spell if you wish to speak one out loud, but the energy and focus of intention should be enough.

8.Let the Red and Blue candle burn all the way out. Remember they don't have to be large candles to work. Even the small votive candles do the job, as long as, the color and intention is correct.

9.When the candles are burned out, dispose of any remaining wax outside in your yard or garden.

10.Then place the herbs into a pouch that will contain them well enough so they don't fall through the weave of the fabric. 

This will be a gift to the one you wish to heal.
This spell should be done on either a Full moon or Waxing moon. 
Doing this spell on a New moon is okay but could take longer to go into effect. 
However, I strongly warn against doing this on a Waning moon. 
If you would like to do a spell on the Waning moon, please try a more protection based spell.

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