By Acharya V Shastri

For an astrologer the main keys to discerning the right path for an individual is to study the atmakaraka and the nodes Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope.

The atmakaraka planet shows the aspiration of the soul in the present incarnation. This planet is the filter through which the rest of the horoscope finds expression. If the atmakaraka is weak or afflicted, at the deepest internal level the individual will have strong impulses to take the wrong turns in life. Therefore understanding the highest expression of the atmakaraka planet and conscientiously following that is the only way to approach life.

The importance of the nodes in the chart cannot be overlooked. They are the thread which the entire horoscope delicately rests upon. Rahu shows the untapped potential in the present life which will unlock the true power of the horoscope. The correct harnessing of Ketu's talents and expression has to be sought before Rahu can operate properly. If one just goes headlong into the Rahu area in the chart, without understanding the balancing role of Ketu, it is impossible to handle one's Rahu energy in the right way. Ketu provides the soil in which Rahu can plant its roots.

Unless one moves towards their Rahu area, life remains an unfulfilling experience. When one consciously develops their Rahu potential, the rest of the planets in the chart operate from their correct perspective. If a person shys away from what Rahu indicates in the chart, the rest of the planets tend to function in an un-cohesive manner and the individual will always feel that something is missing from his/her life without knowing why.

Like all planets, when Rahu knocks on one's door at a certain time in life one should grab its opportunity. Because it is our natural instinct to shy away from Rahu's opportunities, (most of us do not even recognize it as an opportunity, unless we have some knowledge of Astrology), we will pass up on once in a lifetime chances that would put us on certain paths which can change our lives for the better …

A moment changes everything …Astrology is the timing aid which helps us know the defining moments of our lives … Unless the world begins to acknowledge the importance of the stars and the role they play in our lives, humanity remains on a devolution path …unable to navigate themselves..



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What makes Vedic Astrology superior to other Divination systems, including Western Astrology, is its level of accuracy and precision in prediction. Predictive methods are based on very complex calculations and there are numerous methods which will pinpoint timing down to the exact minute. However there is a simple method which gives remarkable results and should be taken into account when seeing a chart.

Planets and houses are said to give their maturity effects at certain ages in a person's life. The planets are more significant in this regard. When a planet matures at a certain age, the full potential of the planet will be able to manifest at that time. Whatever a planet promises in the chart, will be clearly visible in a person's life at that age.

This is a very important method of prediction and can often work like magic. In some cases just knowing a person's age without having access to their chart can give you a strong idea of what they are experiencing in life and how that planet corresponding to their age actually functions in their chart. The maturity planet will show its intrinsic nature as well as the results of its chart placement. The intensity of its effects will last until the next planet matures.


Jupiter Matures at 15 - 20 years of age (peak 16)

Sun Matures at 22 years of age

Moon Matures at 24 years of age

Venus Matures 25 - 27 years of age (peak 25)

Mars Matures at 28 - 31 years of age (peak 28)

Mercury Matures at 32 - 35 years of age (peak 32)

Saturn Matures at 36 - 39 years of age (peak 36)

Rahu Matures at 42 - 47 years of age (peak 42)

Ketu Matures at 48 - 54 years of age (peak 48)

Jupiter's maturity age (15th birthday) 16th year, will often give some special opportunities, wealth, or higher learning (Jupiter's natural significations) and whatever else it indicates in the chart.

Sun's maturity age (21st birthday) 22nd year, will bring out the person's underlying tendencies to the fore, and if well placed is an important time for professional advancement, along with whatever else Sun indicates in the chart.

Moon's maturity age (23rd birthday) 24th year, will show some psychological maturity. Whatever else the Moon indicates in the chart will come to the fore.

From one's 24th birthday (25th year) Venus will mature. As a natural significator of love a person will generally expect some romance even marriage in their life, if supported by the main horoscope. Venus will also give the effects of its chart placement.

Mars maturity age (27th birthday) 28th year, will see a person developing more initiative and independence in their life. Mars will also give the effects of its chart placement.

Mercury's maturity age (31st birthday) 32nd year, will see more intellectual development and important communication activities taking place. Mercury will also give the effects of its chart placement.

Saturn's maturity age (35th birthday) 36th year, can usher in important changes. A person may experience some form of upheaval or find more security and stability in their life. Whatever a person has been working hard towards in the house that Saturn occupies, will give its full results at this age.

Rahu's maturity age (41st birthday ) 42nd year, can make one more focused on the opportunities for growth that Rahu signifies in the chart.

Ketu's maturity age (47th birthday) 48th year, is an important time for introspection and reflection on how one has developed up till now in their lives. It can be an important spiritual turning point.

If a planet is afflicted in a chart, when it reaches maturity the full negative potential of that planet will be able to manifest. As an example, if Saturn were badly placed in the 4th house of a horoscope, at the age of 36 a person will have some kind of emotional crisis or difficulties with property matters. Saturn is sure to show its more negative inherent traits such as obstacles, delays, miserliness, over attachment and poverty. If this Saturn were also ruler of the 5th and 6th house it will show obstructions in love affairs, creativity, children (5th house) and problems with debts, enemies and health (6th house). On the other hand if Saturn is a strong benefic or yogakaraka then one may see a sudden rise in fortune at the age of 36.


Houses are said to mature at certain times in a person's life also. If a person has a particularly strong or weak house it will show its effect quite obviously during the period of its duration, alongside other more important predictive factors.

9th House Maturity Age (1-24 yrs)
10th House Maturity Age (25 - 26 yrs)
11th House Maturity Age (27 -28 yrs)
12th House Maturity Age (29 - 30 yrs)
1st House Maturity Age (31 - 33 yrs)
2nd House Maturity Age (34 - 36 yrs)
3rd House Maturity Age (37 - 39 yrs)
4th House Maturity Age (40 - 45 yrs)
5th House Maturity Age (46 - 51 yrs)
6th House Maturity Age (52 - 57 yrs)
7th House Maturity Age (58 - 65 yrs)
8th House Maturity Age (66 yrs onwards)

Up to 24 years of age when the 9th house is giving effects, a person will be very much at the mercy of their fortune or misfortune, depending on the strength of the 9th house in the chart. This is a time when a person develops their main outlook and approach to life , and finds their destined path or general life direction.

From one's 24th birthday to 26 years of age, one's career often becomes an important point of focus, and trying to attain professional recognition. From one's 26th birthday to 28 years of age, social opportunities may manifest, along with focusing on one's ability for wealth and profits and trying to achieve major ambitions and long term goals.

From one's 28th birthday to 30 years of age, a person may have to deal with issues of loss, long distance travel may be important, along with spiritual awakening and seeking a greater meaning to existence.

From one's 30th birthday to 33 years of age, a person may be trying to formulate their self identity and become more independent.

From one's 33rd birthday to 36 years of age, a person may be focused on earning money, development of speech and acquiring knowledge.

From one's 36th birthday to 39 years of age, a person may be fostering their independence and initiative, and learning to handle communication in a more effective manner. New creative skills may be taken up at this time.

From one's 39th birthday to 45 years of age, a person may be concerned more about inner stability and settling down in a permanent home.

From one's 45th birthday to 51 years of age, new creative activities may spring up, along with concentration on one's children and their lives.

From one's 51st birthday to 57 years of age, a person may have to focus more on their health and whatever else their 6th house indicates in the chart.

By one's 57th birthday to 65 years of age, a person has learnt to deal with relationships in a certain way.

From one's 65th birthday onwards a person has to confront issues about death and the mysteries of life.

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