Beauty with Astrology Predictions for 2nd Half of  2015 according to your moon sign in detail specially for you.

By Acharya V Shastri

You will have to take care of your health. After that in April, you will again start enjoying your health, beauty and work. June and July will be moderate for you. In August and September because of domestic problems at home, your happiness will suffer. In October, you will take right decisions about your work and health. In November and December, worshiping Lord Ganesha will help you. In short, in the months of March, August, September, November and December, you should take proper care of your hair, skin and beauty. Consume more of red items in your food. Full two years you have to take care of the diseases associated with the abdomen. Keep worshiping Goddess Mahalaxmi and Lord Ganesha, everything would be fine.

If you have any problem related to hair fall, then you will be finding the cure to it during this time. Health problems can occur during complete month of June till mid of July. Reduce your sugar intake during this time. Don't get obese. Skin related problems can occur in the month of July. You can face problems in decision making from 14th of July till 13th of August. Meditation of Goddess Mahalaxmi will help you during this period. September will be moderate for you. Your mindset will again get spoiled in the months of October and November. Problems associated with the abdomen can occur in the month of December. But you will get a solution for it. So not to worry. Women should worship Goddess Mahalaxmi for any health related problems for the whole year.

Mars would be along with Mercury from the month of May till mid of June. So you can suffer from blood related problems, hair fall or skin related problems This situation will continue in the month of July. August will bring relief to you. Will also get some relief from body and back pain. You will be enjoying your health and beauty from September till mid of November. In short, take special care of your beauty in the months of January, February, May, June, July and August. Take precautions for infections and cold. Take advises from Doctor or from Beauty with Astrology time to time.

Keep check on your weight till mid of the year. Take special care of your hair and skin during the months of June and July. In these days, your health can also suffer. Chanting "Om Namah Shivay" and worshiping Lord Shiva will help you in this situation. This year, you are mentally disturbed because of Saturn. Meditation will help in various aspects. Skin related problems can occur from July till the start of August. Increase your water intake. Your mind will be agile and face will glow in the month of September. Keep check on your eye sight during the months of October and November. While speaking, be attentive. December will add a glow to your beauty. But mentally you can be unstable. Worshiping the sun will help you during this scenario.

The months of June, July and August brings you the message of both income and expenses. Take special care of your skin and hair. Depression can occur. You can face difference of opinions in marital affairs. September flourishes your brilliance. Your intelligence will bloom. Your beauty will glow. But be careful in October and November. You will face loss in investment. Your mindset will not support you till mid of December. Similarly you can face differences in your family. Worshiping sun, chants of Gayatri mantras and worshiping Lord Krishna will give you some relief.

You will get cure for your disease. Your luck can also flourish at this time. Take special care of your health in the months of June and July. Be aware of cold - cough and skin infections. Keep worshiping Lord Krishna. Work cautiously during this period. Keep control on your expenses in the month of August. Wearing Emerald will help you. September, October brings happiness for you. You will enjoy your health. You will spend on amusement and luxury these days. For good results, donate to needy women. Your intelligence would be praised in the month of November. Your face will glow. You will enjoy good health. You will be profited from some speech related work. December month is a challenging one health wise. Take care while travelling.

You will enjoy your health and beauty. June can face loss. Worship Lord Ganesha and Gauri. These situations would improve a bit in the months of July and August. After 15th of September the position of Mars will bring happiness in your family. You will face loads of work which can cause exertion. October will bring along new challenges for you. Be careful at your work place and as far as your beauty is concerned. During this period, the placement of Sun in Libra can harm your personality. Worshiping Goddess Mahalaxmi at Fridays would be the best for you at this time. Work intelligently in December. Look after your family, keep check on your tongue.

Take care of your skin during the months of  June & July. Consult with Beauty with Astrology for any help. Worship Lord Ganesha at this time. This situation will continue in July. Your work will flourish and your health will improve in August. Better situations will occur in September. In spite of contrary conditions, you will remain steady. Take care of your family, beauty and throat in the months of October and November. After mid of November, Mercury with Mars again warns you to take care of your skin and hair. December gives you the message of taking special efforts to maintain your health.

Take special care of your health during June and July. Avoid much of sugar intake and sweets in your food. Be aware of obesity. Also be careful of stomach related problems. This situation will remain till mid of August. September brings happiness and success at work level. In contrast, October and November makes your situations challenging. Getting into master's shelter will help you to flourish your work. Worshipping any Guru will help you. Indoor work can flourish more. Avoid foreign tours.

Women will face stomach related problems in the months of June, July and August. Marital differences can arouse. This situation will continue till August. In September , you will find a cure for some of your old disease. Luck will be in favour. October and first half of November alerts you to be careful of obesity. You have to take special efforts in December to save yourself from expenses and health issues. Worshiping Lord Mahakaal and Goddess Mahakaali will help you.

Fear may rise because of Rahu in 8th house. Worshiping Lord Krishna will help you to overcome these situations. You can get depressed and feel exhausted in the months of June and July. Take advises from doctor or Beauty with Astrology. September brings you happiness. Ongoing works will get success. Health will become better and your beauty will glow. Again October asks you to be alert. Consume green vegetables and wear Emerald (stone) to reboot your mood. Take Doctor's advice in the months of November and December. Worshiping Lord Mahakaal and Goddess Mahakaali will help you to overcome health problems and expenses from mid of November till the month of December. Wear Lapis (stone) in your little finger.

Travelling is indicated but be careful of your skin and hair while travelling. July asks you to be alert of stomach related problems and enemies. Save yourself from obesity after mid of this year. Avoid eating sweets, oily and indigestible food. Your sharp nature can be harmful for you and your mind will be distracted in August. You can worship Lord Shiva at this time. Romantic moments can bring glow on your face in September. October month asks you to be alert from diseases, debts and enemies. Consume more of yellow items, fruits and red items in your food in this situation. Take shelter of some Master or Guru to avoid these problems. Chanting can help you. Wear Sapphire (stone) in your first finger. December is not cosy. Worshiping Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanuman can help you in this scenario. Ketu makes you feel lonely during this year. Worshiping Lord Ganesha is the remedy for you.

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