Medical Astrology By Acharya V Shastri

Medical Astrology
By Acharya V Shastri

Life is beset with good and bad, health and disease. No living being is free from health problem at one time or other. Medical science can diagnose the disease only when it occurs. Prevention from diseases, like the communicable and epidemic diseases, is possible by taking preventive measures in time. It is only astrology, numerology (not name numerology, which is not a science) and palmistry that can warn about a pending disease. The life of living creatures, particularly that of humans, is governed by the planetary influences, which can be read from the horoscope and Gochara.

The effect of planets on each sign, house and on each other plays an important role on the health in general and on particular organs. This effect will be felt during particular Dasa Vidasa (periods, sub-periods) of concerned planets. Some chronic or permanent disabilities occur in accordance with the placement of malefic planets in certain positions. Occasional physical disabilities and disturbances occur due to the astrological factors in time and space. The signs in the zodiac, the planets and the houses considered from moon sign have their own peculiarities pertaining to certain organs. To study the health aspect the significance of sign, house (from Rasi) and the planets should be super imposed and synchronized.

The significance of Rasis, houses and planets with reference to astro- medicology are :


Aries : The crown of head-the scalp, masculine, firey, movable

Taurus : Signifies face, neck, earthy, feminine, fixed.

Gemini : Chest, common sign, airy, bisexual.

Cancer :Heart, movable, feminine, watery.

Leo : Stomach, abdominal organs, fixed, fiery, juices.

Virgo : Hips, common sign, feminine.

Libra : Naval region, umbilicus, airy, movable, masculine.

Scorpio : Genital organs, femine, watery, fixed.

Sagittarius : Thighs, common sign, fiery, masculine.

Capricorn : Knees, feminine, earthy, movable.

Aquarius : Calves of the feet, fixed, windy, masculine.

Pisces : Feet, common sign, feminine, watery.


First house : Head, neck and pelvis.

Second house : Right side body parts, right eye, shoulders, reproductive organs, speech, eye sight, face, nose.

Third house : Right ear, arm, overy, testicles, leg, throat.

Fourth house : Right cheek, knee, heart, (right lobe and valves), right side of stomach, spleen and liver.

Sixth house : Right jaw, chest and calf (muscle)of leg, body swelling, veneral diseases, tuberculosis, bronchitis, cancer, colic pains etc. diseases.

Seventh house : Mouth, lips, naval region, groins, feet.

Eighth house : Left jaw, chest, calf muscles, anus, pistula, piles, urinary tract infections, veneral diseases.

Ninth house : Left cheek, heart and knee.

Tenth house : Left side body, nostrils, thigh.

Eleventh house : Left ear, arm, overy and testicles.

Twelveth house : Left side, eye, shoulder and sexual organs, injury, mental agony (tension).


Sun : Bald head, head, stomach, bones, heart, blood vessels, blood, eyes, brain, throat, spleen, fever, brain disorders, eye, ear, nose and throat diseases, diarrhoea etc.,

Moon : Mixed, heart, vital organs, blood, urine, body fluids and secretions, glands.

Mars : Fiery, wounds, bone marrow, fevers, injuries, burns, haemorage, abortion, menstrual disorders, rheumatism, veneral disease.

Mercury : Brain, thoracic organs, tongue, thyroid gland, skin, neck, nervous system, dumbness, insanity, skin, loss of memory.

Jupiter : Male, fatty, big bellied, phlegmatic, digestive organs, liver.

Venus : Muscles, thighs, hair, urinary and sex organs, buttocks, semen, veneral diseases, sex debility, hyper sex, sensory organs.

Saturn : Phlegmatic, windy, urinary bladder, rectum, anus, sweat pores, teeth, muscles, tendons, wrist, feet, muscular pains, toothache, tooth decay, ulcers, epilepsy, hysteria, respiratory diseases.

Rahu : Phlegmatic, skin, blood, cholera, small pox, leprosy, epilepsy, poisoning, allergies, eczema, infections, fevers etc.

Ketu : Bones, poisons, intoxicants, joints.

The 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 12th, houses are evil houses, owners of which give malefic effects. Planets posited in the evil houses also get afflicted 1st, 5th and 9th houses are thrones and lords of thrones are benefic where ever they are placed and planets posited in thrones become benefic, loosing much of their maleefic effects.

Malefic planets like Sun, Mars, Saturn as lords of Kendras(1, 4, 7, 10)are benefic. Benefic planets namely Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus as lords of Kendras are malefic; but posited in Kendra are benefic. Moon and Mercury in association with malefics become malefic.

Benefics hemmed between malefics loose their benefic effects.

Benefic aspect of Jupiter reduces malefic results. Aspect of Mars and Saturn give malefic results.

The transient malefic resultswill be experienced during the major period, sub period and sub sub periods of malefic (become malefic) planets. Planets posited in 6-8 position called Sastastika cause harm during their mutual Dasa / Antar Dasa periods.

Permanent Defects

Certain position of planets cause permanent physical defects like dumbness, squint eye, blindnesss, defects in the limbs etc.

Affliction implies that the Rasi/Lagna/House is occupied by one or more malefics, unsuspected by a benefic, or even aspected by a malefic. If Lagna/Moon sign (Rasi) is occupied by Mars, Saturn or Rahu the native will have defects or malfunctioning of urinary organs and sex organs. Bed wetting in early age and problems in urination in youth and prostrate enlargement after 40 years of

age can be foreseen. Malefic conjunction of Saturn and Mars in 1st or 7th house indicates impotency and passive role in homosexuality. Rahu in Lagna/Rasi gives skin diseases and piles. Sun or Mars in birth sign/Rasi aspected by Mars or Sun, the native will have lung diseases. Second house affiliation gives voice and speech defects. If it (Rasi) is a fiery sign, obtaining the 6th or 8th house, occupied by 8th or 9th lord, who is malefic, speech defect may be predicted. If it is hemmed between malefics then dumbness is a certainty.

Affliction of 2nd house with Sun, then eye defects, squint eye, etc can be foreseen. If it is an evil house hemmed between malefics blindness can be predicted.

If the 3rd house is a watery sign afflicted and aspected by the native will have chronic ear trouble with offensive ear discharge(pus) and the right ear having faint or no sense of hearing. If the 4th house is a fiery sign afflicted and aspected by Mars surgery of digestive system or appendicitis is indicated, aspected by Sun hyper acidity and gastric ulcer is a certainity. If 4th house is a watery sign with affliction diabetes and diet restrictions are likely.

If the 5th house is an airy sign with affliction and Moon hemmed between malefics or Moon as lord of 8th exalted at posited in afflicted 5th house mental ilness, lunacy etc. are to be expected. Aspect of Mars with the above conditions indicate tumer in the brain, needing surgery or head injury is indicated. As afflicted 6th house cause all kinds of health problems. Moon in affiliate sixth house makes a wild tempered person or a lunatic. Venus gives sexual disorders, dis-function of sex glands and sterility. Mercury gives loss of memory, dull head and idiocy. Rahu gives tuberculosis, Ketu gives deformity of limbs and fistula.

Afflicted 7th house gives nervous and psychological problems, sexual disorders, venereal diseases etc.

Afflicted lord of 8th conjoined with the lord of 12th cuts short the life. Conjunction of lord 1st, 8th and 6th gives premature death. Saturn posited in the 12th house, with the lord of 8th in the 2nd house (aspected by Saturn) premature death is indicated.

Lord of 2nd and 6th conjoined with Saturn and occupy an evil house (3, 6, 8, 12) death due to asphyxia or drowning is likely. Mercury afflicted in 8th house gives heart attack or brain disease. An afflicted 9th house aspected by Sun gives fracture of knee joint or knee cap. Moon posited in afflicted 9th house, aspected by Mars, gives brain surgery or heart surgery. Saturn gives Kidney trouble and Rahu gives tuberculosis.

An afflicted 11 th house occupied by a benefic, the native will be deaf. Venus is an afflicted 11th house gives defective left ear, aspected by Saturn gives nonfunctional testicles or ovaries. Aspect of Mars gives surgical removal of reproductive organs. Mercury in afflicted 11th house makes a stupid or a spastic child.

An afflicted 12th house occupied by Venus makes the person sterile. Aspect of Saturn makes the person an eunuch. If Moon is posited in afflicted 12tn house serious eye defect or even blindness can happen. Aspect of Mars on Moon leads to loss of eye sight in the left eye due to injury.

prevention is better than cure. Advance spiritual remedies will prevent the occurence of diseases. After the evil affects have already taken roots, then the spiritual remedies will reduce the suffering. Fear not for Karma as inevitable. Karma can be remedied by Karma. As Karma is not a fatalistic path, there are ways and means to mend Karma with Shanti Karmas. Take courage, be optimistic and consult those who can give proper guidance for spiritul remedies to ward off the malefic effects of planets, ordained by destiny due to Karma.

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Popularity and Downfall in Life By Acharya V Shastri

Popularity and Downfall in Life
By Acharya V Shastri

Popularity of a person means his being well known for his special qualities and achievements among the people of his city, state or country, and even beyond the frontiers of his country. A person becomes popular when the Lagna and Lagna lord are very strong and there are other supportive powerful yogas in his horoscope. The dasa-bhukti of strong Lagna lord and yoga forming planets should run during his youth and middle age, when the native can put in maximum effort and work hard to reap the reward. Success and popularity is the result of strong destiny and sincere and dedicated efforts to unfold it.

The general public is indicated by the 4th house of the horoscope and 10th house refers to one’s profession. If these are strong and their lords are also strong along with strong Lagna and its lord, the person becomes popular and gets recognition for his work. In addition, when the 5th house (Poorvapunya), the 9 house (God’s Grace) and their lords are also strong and well placed, the person is destined for getting recognition and fame.

Saturn is the significator of masses. When it is strong and favorably placed, the person achieves mass following. Rahu when placed in 10th house of a horoscope also helps in native’s rise in politics. Venus in Sagittarius is reputed to give much name and fame. Mercury in 8th house makes an individual capable, rich and famous. Similarly, malefics placed in evil (6, 8, 12) house destroy the negative effect of those house and confer recognition and success on the native.

The Moon stands for personality of a person and Jupiter indicates expansion. Their harmonious location in birth chart makes the native successful and popular. The Kendra location of Moon and Jupiter is known as Gajakesari Yoga, which is reputed for conferring name, fame, wealth and reputation on the individual. The presence of Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga and Karak Yoga makes a person famous and popular in life. Another yoga which helps a person born in ordinary circumstances to rise in life due to destiny and hard work is Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga. In addition, Vipreet Raja Yoga gives sudden rise, but if there is no supportive Raja Yoga, the down-fall follows.

Conversely, downfall takes place during the dasa-bhukti of planets forming Arishta (Inauspicious) Yogas. The dasa-bhukti of functional malefics (Lords of 6, 8, 12 house) and badhaka (obstructive) planets also cause downfall of the native. It is also observed that some persons rise to a very high position, but also suffer sudden downfall and their reputation and public image gets smeared. This occurs due to operation of good youga forming planet’s dasa followed by that of bad yogas present in the horoscope.

In this background we may study the horoscopes of the following eminent and popular persons :

Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore

The strength of Tagore’s horoscope is the Parivartana Yoga (interchange of singns) between Lagna and 10th lord Jupiter and the 5th lord Moon. The Karka of mind Moon is also 5th lord and highly fortified by the aspect of exalted Jupiter, which conferred intuitive and receptive mind with versatile imagination. There is strong Budha-Aditya Yoga formed by Mercury and exalted Sun in 2nd house. The conjunction of Mercury with poetic Venus in 2nd house made him a successful poet, painter and philosopher.

The exaltation of Lagna lord Jupiter is 5th house, and presence of Saraswati, Chamar , Chatra and Vimal Yogas Made him world famous.

Tagore was conferred Nobel Prize for literature in 1913 during Moon dasa-Mercury bhukti. He founded Vishwa Bharati University at Shantiniketan in 1921 (Mars-Venus).

Rahu posited in 10th house in Jupiter’s sign gave the excellent result of exalted Lagna and 10th lord Jupiter posited in 5th house. During Rahu dasa he toured Europe, America and Japan and met local authors, thinkers and statesmen.

He passed away on 7th august, 1941 in Jupiter dasa-Jupiter Bhukti. Generally, strong Lagna Lord Jupiter should not cause death, but it is in the Nakshatra of Mercury which is a powerful marka both by ownership of 7th house and its location in 2nd house.

2. Mahatma Gandhi

Libra Lagna with its lord there forms ‘Malavya’ Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga. Jupiter in Kendra to Moon forms Gajakesari Yoga. The aspect of Jupiter on Lagna and presence of Mercury in Lagna Gives keenness of mind and humanitarian approach. The Lagna in Papkartari Yoga gave him frail body, but presence of Mars in Lagna made him energetic and active. Swakshetre Moon is with Rahu due to which his mind was never at rest for one reason or the other. However, Libra Lagna gave him calm and balanced approach in the face of greatest provocation. Jupiter is in 10th from Moon and aspected by Lagna Lord Venus and 9th lord Mercury, which gave him mass following for a noble cause.

The presence of Rahu in 10th from Lagna is always indicative of some notable work by the native. The commencement of Rahu dasa in 1921 brought Gandhiji into active independence struggle and he made a call for Swarajya (self rule). In Rahu dasa-Rahu bhukti Gandhiji was arrested for civil disobedience campaign. He was released in Jupiter Bhukti. He started mass civil disobedience and was again arrested in 1942. His non-violent struggle made him world famous.

The independence of India was finally realized in August, 1947 but Gandhiji was unhappy because of the partition of the country and suffering caused to millions of people. He advocated for restraint and humanitarian approach and even went on hungerstrike for Hindu-Muslim harmony. As a result he was shot dead by a Hindu fanatic on 30.01.1948 during Jupiter dasa-Venus bhukti. Jupiter is in maraksthan (7th) with Pluto and aspected by maraka Mars, and Venus is in Jupiter's Nakshatra with maraka Mars and aspected by Hershel and Pluto.

Amitabh Bachhan

Lagna lord Saturn is in Kendra in friendly sign owned by Yogakarka Venus. Lagna lord Saturn aspecting Lagna and 10th house gave him success through hard work, name, fame and wealth. Yogakarka Venus in 8th gets Neecha Bhanga in the company of exalted Mercury. Airy sign in Lagna and Moon in 9th has given him excellent thinking mind. The aspect of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter on the 2nd house gave him an impressive voice, expressive face and expertise for portrayal of different roles and excellent success in film line. Jupiter in 10th from Moon forms Gajakesari Yoga.

He tasted success in films with the start of Lagna lord Saturn dasa (1971-90) which is located in 4th house (public) and aspects 10th house (profession). He made his mark in ‘Anand’ which was released in 1972. In 1973 ‘Zanzeer’ became hit and gave him recognition as ‘Angry Young Man of Indian Cinema’. His excellent voice and dialogue delivery scored over contemporary heroes and he continued to give hit films during Mercury dasa (5th lord exalted in 8th) as well. Thus he ruled Bollywood for more than three decades and became common man’s hero. However, as Uranus is with Saturn, and aspects a bunch of planets in 8th house and also 12th house, Amitabh also faced sudden and serious health and financial set-backs during adverse bhuktis and transit. Because of his popularity countrywide prayers were offered by his fans for early recovery from serious health problems.

With the beginning of Ketu dasa from January, 2007, which is posited in Lagna in Rahu Nakshatra and unfavourable transit, he is in the midst of controversies.

Cases of high rise and sudden fall :

1. Mohd. Azharuddin

Lagna and Larna lord Mercury are vargottam. Mercury is in 5th, with 5th lord Saturn in Shubha kartari Yoga formed by Venus and Jupiter. The debilitation of Mars in 11th house gets cancelled because of its being with sign lord Moon. Presence of Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in 6th, 7th and 8th house respectively form Moon forms prosperous Chandradhi Yoga. The 2nd and 9th lord Venus is in Sagittarius in 4th house ensuring all comforts of life, name and fame. He was a popular cricketer and successful Captain of Indian Cricket Team.

As 5th lord Saturn is in own sign in 5th house, he got immense popularity and recognition during the dasa of favorable planet for his Lagna. Venus, 2nd and 9th lord, is the most benefic planet for Virgo Lagna and Mercury is Lagna Lord. He made his debut in Test Cricket in 1984-85 during Venus-Saturn-Mercury with a century against England. In 1987 (Venus-Saturn) he received Padma Shree and Arjuna Award. In 1990 (Venus-Mercury) he was made Captain of the Indian team.

With the Start of 12th lord Sun dasa posited in inimical sign in 5th house his performance started deteriorating and in 1996 (Sun-Jupiter) he was removed from Captaincy. Jupiter is in 6th house and placed in 2/12 position with dasa lord Sun.

In April, 2000 (Moon-Moon) he was banned from playing cricket for life on the charge of match-fixing. Moon is inimical to lagna lord Mercury and is afflicted by Mars, the greatest malefic for Virgo lagna, and Rahu.

2. Saddam Hussain

This is another example of spectacular rise in life and ignominious end.

The 5th lord Sun is exalted in Lagna with Uranus and shows a revolutionary personality with desire to rule. Venus lord of 2nd and 7th, is exalted in 12th with 10th and 11th lord Saturn. Venus is also Navamasa Lagna lord and exalted. It is also vargottam and assures best result during its dasa. Lagna lord Mars is in own sign in 8th house but afflicted by Rahu. 4th lord Moon and 9th lord Jupiter are debilitated. Jupiter is aspected by Pluto and Ketu. Moon is afflicted by Rahu and Mars in 8th house which indicates troubled mind and tendency of bold and rash actions. Mercury with Ketu in 2nd house made him a revolutionary speaker.

After facing troubled life in childhood and youth during Mercury and ketu dasas, Saddam Hussain participated in a successful military coup in 1969 (Venus-Venus) and became Deputy to the new President. He slowly consolidated his position and became a 4-Star General. After forcing the then President to resign Saddam Hussain became President in 1979 (Venus-Jupiter), and ruled as socialist revolutionary with a firm hand, and modernized Iraq first with the help of Soviet Union and the of USA. His popularity with masses was a mixture of admiration and fear.

Due to his attack on Kwait, an ally of USA, in 1991 (Sun-Rahu, located in Lagna and 8th house) his relations with USA deteriorated. During Moon dasa (in 8th) afflicted by Rahu and Mars, tension increased further, and after USA-led invasion of Iraq he was deposed on 9th April, 2003 (Moon-Ketu-Saturn) and went into hiding.

He was captured from a hideout on 12.12.2003 (Moon-Venues-Mars) and tried for crimes against humanity by US backed Iraqi Tribunal. He was sentenced to death on 05.11.2006 (Mars-Rahu-Moon) and was hanged to death on 30.12.2006 (Mars-Rahu-Mars).

In both the above examples, the natives were very popular, prosperous and basked in fame during favorable dasa and suffered downfall during unfavorable dasa, which proves the sublime truth of Astrology.

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Summary of Prediction Technique

Summary of Prediction Technique 

By Acharya V Shastri

Horoscope i.e. “birth chart” or “natal chart” is a magical mirror in which the astrologer can read the past, present and future of a person.

The premise of natal astrology is that the nature and course of a person’s life is reflected in the alignment of the planets at the moment of their birth. Natal astrology assumes, or implies, that our lives are largely predetermined or mapped out ahead of time, to a greater or lesser extent. The main goal of this form of astrology, then, is to study what may be referred to as an individual’s fate.

The primary tool (horoscope) used in order to accomplish this is divided into 12 houses. The 12 Rashi and 9 planets are placed in these houses. These 12 houses contain the significant, precise and comprehensive information about the future of the native in coded language. Each of the 12 houses of this horoscope holds a different portfolio as depicted in the image given below-

Earth is moving on its axis from West to East. If we see towards horizon, we find that signs of Zodiac rise one by one. Any particular sign of the Zodiac will reappear at the east horizon after approximately 24 hours. Ascendant is the sign of Zodiac which is rising in the eastern horizon at the time of occurrence of an event. The ascendant is also known as first house of the horoscope. Second house means the second counted from fist and so on.

"House Reading gives you accurate information and predictions for the specific portfolio signified by a specific house"

The house reading is based on three important factors i. e. house position, house lord and Karaka of the house. The house reading section gives accurate information and predictions for the portfolios signified by each house. Good and bad results of each house are of two types. Some results are permanent whereas some others are obtained when a specific house gets activated with the transit of Jupiter, Saturn etc or by Dasha lord. Auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of the results is dependent on good or bad transit and Dasha of the planet. Here in this chapter all necessary information about houses has been given in detail.

Hindi Names of 12 Houses with Significators

3BharataMars, Mercury
4SuhridMoon, Venus
6RipuMars, Saturn
9DharmaSun, Jupiter
10KarmaMercury, Sun, Jupiter & Saturn

The horoscope is divided into 12 houses each representing a different area of life like first house- physique & immunity, 2nd house-wealth & family, 3rd house- courage & siblings, 4th house- property, mother, vehicle & general happiness, 5th house- education, intelligence & children, 6th house- enemy, disease, legal issues. 7th house- spouse & sexuality, 8th house- longevity & death, 9th house-religion, spirituality & good luck, 10th house- profession & glory, 11th house- income & gains, 12th house- expenses, travel & bed pleasure.

The most powerful houses are Kendras (i.e. 1st, 4th, 7th & 10th) and any planet occupying Kendra becomes powerful to produce good results.

The other auspicious houses are Trikonas (5th & 9th). Dasha of 5th and 9th generally give good results, good luck, children, education, and favor of destiny, power and position.

The malefic planets like Rahu, Mars, and Saturn & Sun always give great results in 3rd, 6th and 11th house.

All planets yield auspicious results in 3rd & 11th houses.

6th, 8th & 12th houses are considered inauspicious houses so the lords of these houses destroy the beneficial results of the houses occupied by them.

Generally 8th and 12th houses should be vacant in the horoscope. Although Venus in 12th gives pleasure and Saturn in 8th long life but in general all planets in these houses bring problems as 8th house stands for obstacles, difficulties, unnecessary struggle, accident, injury and sorrow and 12th house stands from expenses, problems, mental tensions and anxiety.

Generally the lord of first house should always be in Kendra because Lagna (1st house) holds the basic strength of any chart. The benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus, powerful Moon and unafflicted Mercury should also be in Kendra preferably.

Sun, Mercury in 10th and malefics in 6th bring great success & glory.

Venus in first house brings all comforts, luxury, good luck, good looks, glamor, success in love and popularity.

Mercury in 4th house makes the native highly resourceful and successful in public relations, 4th house Mercury is considered promising in politics. If this Mercury is debilitated (weak) then also it would bring success in local politics.

Mars in 3rd house is a miracle because it makes one highly influential and the personnel, social and political influence of the native goes on increasing with the passage of time. People having this type of Mars believe more in their efforts than destiny and they are self-made men.

Mars in 10th house is a great sign of good luck. This type of native is considered a star in the family.

Exalted Sun in 10th house brings name and fame, glory and power.

9th house Moon makes the native highly fortunate, deeply religious, and a genius. This person becomes highly respectable in society and people around him respect him always. Generally he is respected by all gentlemen. This placement of Moon is also considered excellent for destruction of enemies. This Moon is auspicious for making any type of achievement in higher education.

Saturn in 8th house gives long life and the Jupiter of 6th house destroys enemies.

Rahu in 11th house brings unlimited financial gains and the person earns from friends and influential people.

If Jupiter is placed in any Kendra then the native earns all good things like wealth, family, children, education, spiritual enlightenment, good luck, financial gains, good health and reputation. He has excellent communication skills and never lags behind in the task undertaken by him. In true sense he is a real leader.

The strong position (exalted) of Saturn in horoscope keeps the life of the native balanced, secure and stable whereas a debilitated (weak) Saturn brings ups and downs in life.

Strong position of Jupiter in Kendra in any horoscope brings protection from all sorts of misfortunes and problems. It is considered auspicious for education, begetting lucky children and education.

Strong position of Venus in Kendra and Trikona brings love, glamor, wealth and comforts in life and the strong position of Mercury gives communication skills, intelligence and business skills. The strong position of Saturn is inevitably essential for stability in business. The strong position of Moon in Kendra and trikona gives powerful imagination, good mental health & happiness from mother and females provided it is unafflicted and near full moon position. Strong position of Mars in signs like Aries, Scorpio, Leo, Sagittarius and Capricorn in Kendra and Trikona provides unlimited stamina, vigor, energy and courage.

Strong Ketu in first, 5th and 9th and strong Rahu in 3rd, 6th and 11th houses gives courage of conviction and conviction of courage and these types of people do not become victim of fear and illusion easily.

Venus in 12th house gives bed pleasure. Venus generally gives good results in 12th house, 12th sign i.e. Pisces and by staying in 12th from its own signs i.e. Virgo and Aries. Venus is the teacher of materialism and significator of good luck, 9th house represents good luck and Jupiter is significator house of good luck so whenever Venus, Jupiter, 9th house & 9th lord all are strong the native is extremely fortunate.

Similarly second and 11th house stand for wealth and income respectively and Jupiter is the significator of these houses and Venus is the significator of Laxmi (goddess of wealth) so whenever 2nd house, 11th house, 2nd lord, 11th lord, Jupiter and Venus all are strong the native is extremely rich.

5th house stands for intelligence, Jupiter is significator of 5th house and Mercury is the significator of intelligence therefore, when 5th house, 5th lord, Mercury and Jupiter all are strong the native is a genius.

Jupiter is the significator planet of knowledge but no knowledge is complete without imagination and the significator planet of imagination is Moon therefore Jupiter is considered exalted in the sign of Moon (i.e Cancer). Venus loves purity and cleanliness and Jupiter is holiest and cleanest planet and that is why Venus is exalted in the house of Jupiter. The fame of a king spreads when he comes into action. King of planets Sun is the significator of king and Mars is the significator of action therefore Sun becomes exalted in the sign of Mars. A fighter can do miracle when he works in a systematic and planned manner and Mars is the significator of fighter and Saturn is the significator of planning therefore Mars is exalted in the house of Saturn. In addition to that Mars represents action and the sign Capricorn also represents action in kalpurusha therefore Mars is exalted in Capricorn. Saturn is the balance of this universe and the sign Libra represents balance therefore it is exalted in Libra.

9th house is the Karaka house for spirituality and Moon is the Karaka planet of spirituality and Jupiter is the teacher of spiritualism and that is why Jupiter is exalted in the house of Moon (Cancer). Ketu is a big and biggest significator of spirituality and that quality of it makes it more auspicious than Jupiter so if any person is having Jupiter, Moon in 9th and Ketu in 1st, 5th or 9th the native enjoys high spiritual progress.

The ideal placement for Saturn is in Lagna. Whenever Saturn is Lagna the native has the ability to think in a unique way. It has been observed that whenever a native takes birth with Saturn in lagna then the family background of that native is generally very high. These types of natives generally become very successful politicians, administrators, scientists, great astrologer Tantrik or occultist etc. These types of natives become the source of fate even for other people.

As per Rishi Parashara Mercury is the biggest significator of 10th house and Jupiter, Sun, Saturn and mars are also considered Karakas of this house so whenever 10th house, 10th lord and these significators are strong the native becomes a successful professional.

It has been observed that when the majority of planets are placed in one specific house of the horoscope then that specific house gets strengthened and the life of the native revolves around the significations of that specific house only. In a way the native enjoys the Rajyoga of that specific house.

Any planet occupying 10th house controls professional life and livelihood. If there is no planet in 10th house from Lagna then see which planet is there in 10th from Moon and if this is also empty then see from Sun because if there shall be any planet in 10th house from Lagna, Moon or Sun then it shall become the main controller of professional life, career and livelihood. If there is no planet in 10th from Lagna, moon and sun then this person is generally considered unfortunate and then in this situation the Navamsa lord of 10th lord would become the giver of bread and butter.

All planets give aspect to 7th house from their position. Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu give aspect to 5th, 7th & 9th house from their house of placement. Saturn gives aspect to 3rd, 7th & 10th house from its position. Mars gives aspect to 4th, 7th & 8th house.

When a house is aspected by its lord a benefic planet (Jupiter, Venus, Unafflicted Mercury & Moon ) then the native attains the good results denoted by it provided the house and house lord and the significator of this house is not weak, debilitated or afflicted.

For determining the lordship of houses following chart should be studied-

Hindi Names of 12 Houses with Significators
: Leo (5)
: Cancer (4)
: Aries (1), Scorpio (8)
: Gemini (3), Virgo (6)
: Sagittarius (9), Pisces (12)
: Taurus (2), Libra (7)
: Capricorn (10), Aquarius (11)

Exalted powers are powerful they bring hundred percent good results, debilitated planets are weak. Mooltrikona planets are also very strong. For knowing the power of planets following chart should be referred-

Exaltation, Debilitation and Mooltrikona signs/ degrees of Planets
Exaltation Sign
Debilitation Sign
Exaltation / Debilitation Degrees
Mooltrikona Signs

If the lord of a house is well placed in a Kendra and aspected by benefics only and not conjunct or aspected by a malefic it produces the good results of the house owned by it.

Second (Speech, Family, Wealth) and 11th house (Income and Gains) are considered very important houses as they represent wealth and income so they should be occupied by benefics and their lords should be in Kendra and especially 10th house is best placement for these planets. Great success in career depends on the strength of 2nd, 11th and 10th houses because only then quick growth with rapid inflow of money can be expected.

The strength of a house in a horoscope depends on three factors 1) The house should not be occupied or aspected by (debilitated) malefics. (Exception- The aspect to a house is considered auspicious when house lord aspects it). 2) The lord of the house should be placed in a Kendra or Trikona and it should be aspected by benefic planet and shouldnt be debilitated, weak, and shouldn't be conjuct or aspected by malefics. 3) The significator of the house should also be strong in a kendra and aspected by benefic. If all the factors are positive then the native attains the good results denoted by this house.

When planets change their position in Chalit chart then also they continue to produce results according to Lagna chart only. Change in position in Chalit at times reduces the power of the planet and at times it increases the power. When planets in chalit move to inauspicious house they lose strength and when this movement is towards an auspicious house the strength gets increased.

All astrologers study Grahyoga and aspects from birth chart and that is why the predictions made on the basis of Chalit Chart generally do not prove very effective.

Astrological Combinations (Yogas)
Planetarty Yoga (astrological combination) gets formed when one planet, sign or house is related to another by way of placement, aspect or conjunction thus resulting into a new and different type of result. The yoga could be due to a particular permutation, combination or even distance from each other, which could influence the same. Yoga-formations are unavoidable because of there being nine active planets and equally active twelve signs (including their various sub-divisions) and twenty seven nakshatra divisions. Standards like basic strengths, weaknesses, own sign, enemy, exaltation and debilitation of planets would of course always be relevant.

Impact of Yogas in natal chart depends upon the availability ratio of the Yogas. Those yogas which are easily available do not give distinguished impact whereas rarely available Yogas have a highly distinguished and marked influence on the life of the native.

All planets jointly and severally without any exception are the indicators of future events. Depending upon the positive or negative result these astrological combinations are classified as good or bad. Good yogas arise when the lords of auspicious houses (kendras and trikonas ) establish a mutual association whereas the bad Yogas come into existence when the lords of inauspicious houses (trika-bhavas) are associated or else the weak, afflicted & malefic planets afflict Kendras, Trikonas or their lords. Good or bad results are experienced during the course of the Dashas and Antra-dashas of the planets forming good or bad yoga.

"The results of your unalterable past are obtained during a good or bad Dasha in operation"

Each individual's horoscope contain promises of good or bad future events signified by the yogas formed by the relation of nine active planets and equally active twelve signs (including their various sub-divisions) and twenty seven nakshatra divisions. Depending upon the positive or negative result these Yogas are classified as good or bad. Good or bad results are experienced during the course of the Dashas and Antra-dashas of the planets forming good or bad yoga. If a good Dasha of a planet promising an auspicious event is in operation the native attains highly auspicious results and similarly in a bad dasha the native goes through sufferings, problems, obstacles and failures signified by it.

Vedic astrology uses a system of planetary periods called Dasha (Major Period) of various planets based on the Moon Nakshatra at the time of birth. Most important is Vimshottari Dasha, a 120-year-long cycle of planetary positions based upon the birth Nakshatra, stars. The planetary periods of Vedic astrology provide an easy and comprehensive system for judging the effects of planets throughout out our lives. The planetary periods are the most accurate system of how the planets distribute their effects through time and different stages of our lives. The major seven planets plus two lunar nodes are assigned periods ranging from 6 to 20 years.

Since the constellation or nakshatra where moon finds its presence is known as the Janma Nakshatra and as moon influences the mental aspects of the native, nakshatra of the moon thus casts its indelible influence on moon. With each nakshatra having a planetary lord, the placement of the same (planetary lord) determines the initial dasa or 'phase' in the horoscope of a native.

"The Transit predictions based on Transit of planets like Saturn and Jupiter the combined impact of which energize one specific area of your life by activating a specific house of your horoscope for few days months or one year."

In other words the movement of the planets in the sky creates a unique impact on the natal chart (birth chart) of the native thereby giving rise to specific types of events in his life. When the astrologer is competent enough to study this impact on the horoscope of the native then he certainly comes closer the truth but most important thing that should be brought under consideration while interpreting this impact is to have proper idea about the strength of chart with right ability of getting the summary of the promises in the chart and along with this Dasha should also be studied.

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